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You cant tell a book by its cover

A Niqab wearing housewife is poised to win the Dubai version of American Idol. The Million's Poet is an Arabic reality TV show that is a competition for the most talented poet in Arabic prose with a cash prize of over a million dollars.

Hissa Hilal, the outspoken Saudi housewife, pictured above has become a heroine for women's rights speaking out in her poetry against fundamentalism, censorship of the press and even the validity the clerical fatwas and decrees.

Or on suicide bombers,

The former journalist and poetry editor who is now considered to the front runner in the contest, has received death threats, but claims that she is not afraid. She defends wearing the Niqab.

And then goes on to blame the radical fundamentalists

This Youtube link from CBS (they won't let you imbed) explains the popularity and positive influence this intelligent and brave woman is having. 

She makes me feel somewhat pedestrian today sitting my Mississauga kitchen after watching American Idol last night.

Reference: The Telegraph here and another post from the Examiner here.


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