Friday, May 30, 2008

Alberta’s Legally Blonde Finance Minister to share oil funds with Ontario

As reported here Alberta Finance Minister, Iris Evans “says Ontario and the federal government receive half the tax from the oilsands”.

Who knew! Hey, this have-not province thing is working out pretty well. Last week it was that crazy Danny from the new NL and now we have this Reese Witherspoon, look-a-like, doll, from Edmonton stepping right up there, to help us too.

I take back every bad thing I’ve ever said about Alberta. 

Remember how I used to compare my three years, living in Edmonton, to doing time in a gulag. I won’t say that anymore. 

Remember how I used to say, women in Edmonton were easy to meet, because they all had their names sewn on the sleeves of their blue ski jackets. I won't say that anymore. Remember when.. well you know what I mean.

No wonder those Albertans are Steve’s chosen people. And they think he is doing a heck of a job too.

Hey Iris, I guess sarcasm doesn't work for either one of us.

Welcome to Toronto, babe.

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eh said...

This is possibly the most offensive post I have come across on progressive bloggers. Any credibility your comments have regarding the inaccuracy of Evans' statements are obscured by your overtly sexist remarks.