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State of the Uniom: America a shit hole country

I must be getting old, I'm having a Decarie moment and can't log into ffibs, so I'm posting this monstrosity on Willy Loman. I started this back when Trump misspelt the invitations to his State of the Union and then more and more events happened that I wanted to add e.g. The Parkland Perp Walk.

Anyway zoom in if you like, the bikinis are cute :)
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The Great Wall of China, the Tar Sands and now, My Bald Head

Damn you Google Earth and your Deep State technology!

Watching the Grammys can age you

In a complete turn around to how we spend most evenings, my granddaughter watched the Grammys on TV last night while I watched on my iPad via youtube. She knew all the artists and their songs except for Elton John. Sting, U2 and the country folk. Her favourite act was Despatito which she sang along in English. 

She is eleven.

Here is my favourite from the youtube show I was watching...

I'm sixty-nine.

Perils of shopping online

Thought I'd try that new millennial thing this year. You know that online shopping thing using your computer, that the kids are all into today.  Saved a ton of time, however there were a few drawbacks.  On boxing Day I had to spend a half an hour with my eleven year old granddaughter explaining how Trump called Clinton nasty in the second debate and this girl in Kentucky wrote a slam poem about it and then Ashley Judd an old actress heard it and performed it at the women's march following Trump's inauguration and that the word Nasty on the black tank top I bought her from the Young Turks web store was actually a positive thing, in fact a shield for women to protect themselves from the assholes of the world.  Next year I'll try not to do my online shopping at three in the morning after a joint and couple single malts. Other than that it's been a pretty good Christmas season. Hope you are having a good time too.

I think Warren is right

Even though I am blocked from commenting on his blog, I often check out his take on current events. After all he is the most recognizable name and certainly the only true celebrity that regularly posts on Progressive Bloggers.

An author, TV personality and an expert on backroom political tactics, whom certainly knows more about the workings of a political party than I do, as demonstrated by the importance he is placing on the fact that our Prime Minister has violated a federal statute with four posts on the subject, so far this week.
In his last post using a clever Shakespearian turn of phrase to get our attention, Warren wants his readers to pay attention to how Liberal partisans that are defending the Prime Minister are similar to Conservative partisans who defended the former Prime Minister and obviously that is true. 
Then Warren goes further to place a plague on both their houses and proclaim his goal to become journalistic again. He certainly is an accomplished writer and a tale…

If Moores racism hadn't trumped his pedophilia, he'd be a senator today

If eight African American women had come out against Roy Moore, their voices wouldn't of been heard, because Moore is a god fearing, good old Roy and in Alabama black lives don't matter, but their votes apparently do. The African American voters showed up in force and enough white folk spoiled their ballots or stayed at home to give Jones the win.

The Democrats or the American people for that matter should not be over celebrating the Alabama Senate seat election results, not when you consider the effort that was required to barely beat a homophobe bigot and proud racist who was facing pedophilia accusations. Trump still sits in the White House and many of the women that came out with their stories against Roy Moore, voted for Trump in the last election. Did they not believe Trump's accusers or hear his boasts in the Access media tape? Did they only watch Fox news? Who knows, but the US is one messed up country.
Then just when you are ready to write these backwards people off…

Happy anniversary darlin

We were married for 45 years and forty one days. The first time we met you were wearing a very short Nova Scotia plaid skirt and climbing up and down a rolling stockroom ladder, moving cases of Arid deodorant cans from a skid to a stockroom shelf. Having time to kill and being junior management I offered my assistance and stood at the bottom of the ladder and started handing you the cases and watching you climb up and down the ladder. After three or four cases you stood at the top of the ladder, turned and said "My name is Janis and I think you've helped yourself enough here. thank you very much.".