Monday, September 21, 2015

To my idiot neighbours in Streetsville

As explained by Rick Mercer

and as we witnessed in Parliament.

Besides Brad thinks that this is a good look.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


That is the number of Syrian refuges that the Harper government has brought into Canada.

From the Globe and Mail:
However, the government is facing criticism because 2,374 Syrian refugees have so far been settled. Of that number, only 622 - or 26 percent - were assisted by the government. The others were privately sponsored by individuals or non-government. The others were privately sponsored by individuals or non-government organizations. The NDP argues that in addition to private sponsors, the government should immediately accept 10,000 Syrian refugees. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said the target should be 25,000 government-sponsored refugees, which he estimates would cost Ottawa $100-million.
In other words the Harper government that banters around the 10,000 plus refugee number has brought in 622 refugees or about 170 families.

The other 2,352 so called refugees that Harper has allowed to emigrate to Canada consist of wealthy Syrian Christians who paid their own way in, hightailing it out of Syria when the civil war first started and an unknown percentage of sponsorship applications submitted by family members living in Canada.

Hey Steve, go fuck yourself.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Changing sows ears into silk purses

Although blue signs are now starting to once again litter many of the front lawns of purple Mississauga, there are not as many as there were last time around. 

The duelling, old, angry, white, men who have gained notoriety of late are not necessarily representative of Harpers base around these parts. I now live in the Vista Heights area of Streetsville, Canada’s first and oldest suburb, (or so I am told way too often), which is now like most of the GTA, multi-cultural, with active Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Pakistani communities. 

It could be that placing a tighter leash on Jason Kenney over the past two years, where he has no longer been as visible amongst the various ethnic organizations is causing some erosion of the ethnic vote. Or it could be that Harper did not deliver on the promises that Kenney made to the numerous community leaders and they are not willing to get out the vote, this time around. 

After all there are only so many hands that can be greased or pork to go around and with a boat that is springing as many holes as the good ship Harper, you can’t plug them all. In any case, based on my survey conducted by walking down the street, there seems to be an erosion in the Chinese and Indian communities and Harper has no hope in hell of getting the Muslim vote of Vista Heights.

As an aside, I was always bewildered by the fact that the old white reformers in Alberta would continue to support Harper with all the kowtowing for the ethnic vote he was doing in the rest of Canada. Manning would not have done that. In fact Manning’s appeal in Ontario when he had his shot was the fact that he was going after the immigrants who were taking Canadian jobs. Meanwhile Harper brought in a quarter million of them specifically for that reason. 

My guess is that racists are only concerned about immigrants if they are going to stay here, become part of the community and prosper and not if they are going to flip our burgers, under sweat shop conditions for four short years. In any case Harper was in trouble with his ethnic base long before the Duffy trial got interesting and interesting the Duffy trial is becoming. 

However the purpose of this post and there is a purpose, is not to regurgitate the fallout of Baynes aggressive cross examination of Harper’s horsemen or try to replicate the excellent coverage of bloggers who post about Harpers trial everyday. 

No, I would rather imagine, in the imaginary world of retirement that I find myself, that I am an astute, experienced political operative and offer my services to Harper along with the overstated popularity of my website. 

Take him on as a client per se.

Now do not get upset dear readers, I am not talking about putting one of his offensive ads in the corner of my site. I do have some principles.

Instead I would like to offer Harper some sage advise about how to not only get out from under this Duffy mess, but change this sows ear into a silk purse.

  • Have the PMO call in the prosecutors and tell them to withdraw the charges now!
  • The withdrawal is obviously necessary due to the previously unknown revelations, now exposed by the cross examination of crown witnesses and the fact that the investigation by the RCMP seems flawed from the outset and has too many holes in it.
  • As for media lines, Harper can appear as aghast as the rest of us at the flawed prosecution and throw the blame back at the self serving procedures and lack of transparency within the Senate, an institution that Harper originally wanted to change to elected provincial representation.
  • In fact, based on the outrageous performance of the upper chamber, Harper should in an act of non partisanship, agree with the NDP and propose the abolition of the Senate or at least start the process by committing to renegotiate the Constitution in his first term.
An opportunity to alter the constitution will finally allow Harper to fulfill the unspoken mandate, his rabid base have impatiently been waiting for. There you go Steve, silk purses for everyone.

Hey this self proclaimed political operative stuff is easier than it looked.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hydro One is wrong

Sometimes very late at night, unable to sleep, usually full of self pity and scotch, to the point that I can no longer follow the storyline on any of the Netflix series I am following, I find myself aimlessly wandering through the time killing sites, the latest move clip sites, unblocked Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman episodes and finally before I pass out, news bloopers.

I find  the gaffes, miscues, asking Mike Tyson if his rape convictions might hurt Rob Ford’s chances for reelection and then being surprised at the response, hilarious, but what I don’t understand are the clips of some asshole running up to some reporter to shout some obscenity. It is not a blooper, it is not funny, it is just crude, juvenile profanity for which the perpetrator and their actions should shunned, not heralded.

So when the CITY TV reporter went after the bystanders that were egging on one of their friends to shout an obscenity into her microphone at a soccer game, she was doing us all a favour and by filming and posting their failed attempt to justify their laughing at the incident, she thoroughly embarrassed both individuals.

However the crude juvenile actions of these two individuals in responding to the reporter was not sexual harassment and definitely not harassment in the workplace and does not warrant being fired by their employer.

Hydro One has overstepped and none us should be supporting their action and if you have a problem with that, take it up with Fern Hill at Dammit Janet.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

I joined 2000th of 1 percent of Mississaugans today

Met a couple of interesting people, a man who was raised in South Africa during apartheid, a woman and her dog, and a professor on sabbatical who is writing a text book on Critical Thinking.

There were also a bunch of dippers there too, about 300th of 1 percent of total NDP voters in Mississauga.

And oddly, a large number of the people I spoke to, still use FaceBook.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Life in a Banana State

Reading the notice of appeal below that was filed this week by the Public Prosecution Service of Canada, one might assume that this federal agency is questioning the somewhat lenient sentence that Sona received with his misleading “robo calls”.
Ottawa – December 15, 2014 – Today, in the Ontario Court of Appeal, the Public Prosecution Service of Canada filed a Notice of Appeal against sentence, in R. v. Sona.
The Notice of Appeal was filed on the basis that the sentence imposed by the trial judge is demonstrably unfit and fails to reflect the gravity of the offence.
Mr. Sona was charged on April 2, 2013, with wilfully preventing or endeavouring to prevent an elector, in Guelph, from voting in the 2011 federal general election, contrary to section 281(g) of the Canada Elections Act.
This resulted in Mr. Sona committing an offence contrary to section 491(3)(d) of the Act.
Mr. Sona was found guilty on August 14, 2014 and sentenced on November 19, 2014 to nine months in prison plus 12 months of probation.

However when you read the role of the Prosecutor it is less clear that the purpose of this appeal is to question the leniency of the sentence, but rather the severity.
The role of prosecutor excludes any notion of winning or losing; his function is a matter of public duty than which in civil life there can be none charged with greater personal responsibility. It is to be efficiently performed with an ingrained sense of the dignity, the seriousness and the justness of judicial proceedings.
Since the judge in his ruling has laid open the idea that Sona could not have acted alone and appears to be a small player in the act, the appeal could be that his sentence was too harsh.

Although this may be one of my tin foil hat moments, I live in Harper Land and my guess is that Sona can now expect to serve no time, nor have a criminal record, as long as he continues to keep his mouth shut.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Friday, November 7, 2014

Poppy Day will never be the same in Canada

For the first time since I was a little kid when my mother sewed one on my coat, about sixty years or so ago, I will not be wearing a poppy this year. You see, I’m more of a purist when it comes to November 11th. You know the make love not war type who was taught to believe we are supposed to be celebrating the end of war and remembering the lives that were lost.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Earth will not be moved on our watch, Canada enters the war

Back in early October the Guardian reported that British jets bombed an ISIS pickup truck, complete with pictures.

Well move over Brits, the Canucks have landed, well actually took off, refueled in the air, bombed and then landed.

Yes sir, two of our CF-18s refilled their fuel tanks (cost $10,000+) and dropped four of our GBU-12 500 lb. laser guided bombs (cost $108,000) destroying five ISIS bulldozers and one ISIS dump truck.

ISIS will not be building any obstructions and berms on our watch.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Recharge your outrage

We are living in a propaganda bubble, a systematic onslaught of misinformation disseminated by the Government of Harper to influence our emotions, attitudes, and opinions for their own ideological, political and commercial purposes.

Canada is now a country where the information provided by our federal government can be considered counter information to the intent of their stated actions. Prepared disinformation is delivered to our corporate media, who have become witless accomplices presenting opinionated analysis delivered by government and/or corporate funded publicists who soft peddle the governments position.

This is a government that is using our money to deliver hyped, self promoting, spin on an official government video site. They are trying to rewrite our history to match the talking points of its forth coming election campaign via publicly funded commercials, a modern day version of historical agitprop, one could say.

Similar to what I fear is too many other Canadians, I have become numb to the daily atrocities of the Government of Harper. We no longer see them in action, we can only rely on translating the veiled view that is allowed to reach light.

Here’s a video that was pulled from one of the television news  shows that I originally posted in March 2009, the same month that the DOW reached it’s lowest recessional point, when the then minority Government of Harper had finally decided how they were going to use our money as infrastructure funding to pull the country out of the recession.

Baird the then Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities (even the titles they give themselves are illusory) begrudgingly, at least by his outward display, is appearing before an all party parliamentary committee to provide details about how the Government of Harper will use the 35 billion dollars of our money that they are requesting.

Now that the Harper Government has a majority, their vile arrogant obstructionism is no longer within our view. Parliamentary committee hearings are chaired by the government, held in camera (meaning in secret) and shortened to the minimal time required, if they happen at all.

Back then the simple question was “How are you going to use the $35 billion”. We were never given an honest answer then, nor have we received an honest answer from the Harper Government since, about anything.

Recharge your outrage.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014

Possibly clearer images of break-n suspect

Appears to be late twenties to early thirties, sporting a mustache, beard, wearing glasses, possibly patterned Bahama Joe type shirt and a wide watch band.                                                                  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Caption Contest, a natural evolution of political communication

The inspiration for many of the doodles over at ffibs, come from the propaganda distributed by the PMO. Five years ago the Harper government started limiting access to Harper, reducing the number of questions that could be asked and controlling which pictures would released to the public, by barring photographers access to events, in an attempt I would assume, to conceal, his aversion to white hats, his goofy smile or other unflattering images.

For the past five years we have only seen posed, staged, choreographed, images of Harper, that his boys in short pants believed best reflected the message that they wanted to project. Described as "a natural evolution of political communication", a PMO minion back in 2009 stated "that the practice [of producing their own] pictures is intended to supplement the supply of images available for media as well as bloggers."

 And for that I want to personally thank them, as I have had enjoyed many hours of entertainment scanning the posed shots of Harper speaking Yiddish to rabbis, walking down the street in New York city or learning about the disappearing arctic ice.

However the latest picture (above), of this year's northern tour, has left me speechless. 

So if you have a caption for this picture that can explain what the hell they are doing, please enter it in the comments below. The winning (all) captions (if I get any) will be added to the next post at ffibs.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 6th a bad day for pareidolia

Today, when I looked up at the clouds, I kept seeing the mangled, bodies of dead children and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't tell if they were from Auschwitz, Gaza or Hiroshima.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Payback, Cutbacks, Kickbacks

Have you noticed that Jason Kenney has not been in the news as much lately? 

The Smiling Budha, Curry in Hurry, Minister of Citizen, Immigration and Multiculturalism, who is also considered to be a leadership candidate to replace Harper, failed to step up during the Senate scandal by dumping on Nigel Wright, leaving the heavy lifting in Parliament, to Baird and Moore. It would appear that this, along with Kenney's open dispute with Flaherty over Rob Ford, might not have gone unnoticed been Harper.

The governments multiculturalism budget which Kenney controls was reduced in 2013 by a third and is expected to be reduced further in the upcoming years. Kenney has also had his signature granting program, the Inter-Action budget cut back. Kenney's signature granting program was set up in 2010 to support events approved by Kenney's office that promoted intercultural understanding, respect for democratic values and/or civic memory and pride. 
In 2010-2011, about $14 million was spent under the program to fund 140 projects and events. In 2011-12, about $9.5 million was spent under the program to fund 30 projects and 202 events. For this year, the budget will be scaled back further by at least $2.5 million.
Unfortunately for Kenney, the former king of the local Conservative fundraising circuit, he may be in serious danger of forfeiting his crown. Out of province, political donations to Kenny, have dropped by over $125,000, a sixty four percent drop.
Jason Kenney's Calgary Southeast electoral district association (EDA) netted just $67,149 in donations last year.
The number of donors declined as well  — from 951 in 2012, to just 455 in 2013, of which just 93 gave more than $200, compared to 230 who did so in 2012.
Notably, all but a handful of this year's contributors hailed from the Calgary area
From 2007 to 2012, Kenney's riding raked in nearly $150,000 from outside his home province, including more than $93,000 from Toronto-area Chinese Canadians, augmented by the occasional burst of donations from other GTA South Asian ethnic communities, usually clustered around a single date.
That particular revenue stream appears to have dried up, at least for the moment.
One of the major criticisms of political funding in Canada is that political parties are only required to report the identities of contributors that have given a total of over $200 to one riding association or the central organization. For donations of $200 or less, receipts must be kept by the individual riding associations, but Elections Canada has no way to keep track of them.

And has been noted by Elections Canada, a corporation or an organization can make multiple $200 donations to a candidate by listing their employees or members as the donors.

It appears that the recipients of multicultural grants were, at least in the past, very impressed with the Minister of Citizen, Immigration and Multiculturalism and decided, independently to donate funds towards his elections.

To the tune of about ten percent.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Maybe Merkle and Harper can sing Hey Jude together.

Remember Harper's much heralded EU Trade Agreement, the largest, most historic, trade agreement ever! Well it appears that the largest EU partner, Germany is objecting to the investor protection clause in the Canadian deal.

This is the clause that allows foreign corporations to ignore the laws of their trading partner, by giving the foreign corporations the right to sue if such rights are denied. It is known as the ISDS or Investor State Dispute Settlement clause and was part of the original and subsequent North American Free Trade Agreements.

Further more from the article we discover that the Europeans only consider Harper's so called, historic free-trade agreement as a test for the agreement with the United States.

So much for Steve's analysis back in October:
Mr. Harper too played down the approval process saying the provinces are on side and that he expects the deal to be in place by the next election in 2015.

“The agreement as it now stands is not going to change,” he said. “I am certainly confident of its adoption in Canada. I think anyone who opposes it will lose and will make a big historic mistake in so doing.”
And for those who don't, remember here is Canada's second worse Prime Minister singing with Reagan in an effort to get the original NAFTA talks going and hence the title of the post.

Friday, July 25, 2014

I will see your blitz and raise you one ghetto

Yesterday, Netanyahu compared the Hamas rocket attacks to what Britain endured during the second world war.

"There's only been one other instance where a democracy has been rocketed and pelleted with these projectiles of death, and that's Britain during World War Two. Israel is undergoing a similar bombardment now."

If a seven month, blitz, dropping over 36,000 tonnes of explosives, and killing over 60,000 civilians is similar to seventeen days of aimless, highly defensible, rockets, being fired in your general direction and killing one civilian, then Gaza and the treatment of the Palestinians by Israel is similar to the Warsaw ghetto and the treatment by the Nazis.

At least in the latter comparison the numbers are closer.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

No where to run, no where to hide

We are lead to believe that there is a moral difference between bombing an abandoned hospital that snipers took cover in and bombing a hospital that you ordered to be evacuated before the snipers took cover.
Unfortunately, the end result is the same, Gaza looses a hospital.
A similar tactic was used today to destroy a UN run school sheltering displaced families seeking shelter from the onslaught. Unfortunately not enough time was allowed for the evacuation and as men, women and children (families) waited in the courtyard for evacuation the Israeli bombs started falling killing over a dozen people and wounding an undisclosed number.
That should teach the UN, to suggest that Israel might be guilty of war crimes for not taking enough care to avoid killing innocent civilians (families).

Friday, July 18, 2014

How to fry mushrooms

Late one night, in the declining years of the seventies, after watching a midnight episode of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, a tiny, bearded gnome of a chef, I believe from the west coast, appeared on my television screen, giggling, joyously hopping up and down and exonerating in a high pitched voice, that what he was about to demonstrate, would not only, change how I forever looked at the common mushroom, it would also change my life.

Being unsure if this truly was a cooking show or possibly some imagined, reverberating, continuance of Mary Hartman, I watched, as the tiny chef carefully snapped the stems from the caps of plain white mushrooms.
"It is very important that, no part of the stem remain within the cap, nor that the cap itself, is damaged or cracked during the removal process. Any poorly disembowelled caps should be discarded to the side with the now dislodged stems.", he warned.
"For the novice, long narrow stems are more easily, removed and should be considered preferential, when selecting your mushrooms, if you purchase them in bulk.", he continued.
As an aside and as an expert mushroom de-stemmer with over thirty years experience, with practice, speed and the right angling of the mushroom even the shortest and chubbiest of thumbs can cleanly snap the shortest and chubbiest of stems.
"It does not matter the size of the mushroom cap, other than the larger the cap, the greater the growth of gills that will release the nirvana-like nectar that we are trying to create, transcending the mushroom from a tasteless fungal growth that is added to salads or pizzas as bulk, into a delectable, mouthwatering, vial for its precious bodily fluids.", he giggled.
For which I assumed he was Hindu and like myself, a fan of Peter Sellers movies.

As a second aside, although size does not matter, in this case, caps of a similar or consistent size are best, as the cooking time varies greatly between large and small caps and the point here is to eat the mushrooms as soon as they are ready.

"In reality, when the aroma of a perfectly transcended mushroom cap hits your nasal passages, you cannot stop yourself from drinking its sweet nectar and devouring it's now deliciously, meaty receptacle. So have all of them ready at the same time." in his words.
"Place the mushroom caps upside down in a heated frying pan containing a light, preferably unseasoned, cooking oil with a setting of medium to slightly medium/high."
"At this time, one could then slice and dice the discarded stems and if ruined during the de-stemming, any discarded caps and carefully place them in between the cooking mushrooms, being careful not to drop them into the mushroom cap itself, which could then interfere with the release of fluids".

"Standing back, you will, after a minute or so, start to see a honey-yellow daub start to form at the base of the cap which will grow into a bubble and eventually form an clear amber pool of liquid, right to the brim of the cap, at which time the transcendence and cooking time is complete".

Taking over at this time, remove the frying pan from the heat and lets prepare for the most difficult process of the task, which as a reminder, is How to fry mushrooms.
"With the precision and steadiness of hand that is more often associated with a pediatric-neurosurgeon, remove each now filled mushroom cap, one at a time, from the frying pan, placing them onto a plate, without spilling any of the amber, nectar."
Unfortunately there will be a small crust formation on the bottom of the upside mushroom, which will stick to the now cooling frying pan and you typically cannot use a spatula to remove the mushrooms and expect the meet the desired no spills rule.

For best results I would suggest the use of a tablespoon to transport the mushroom and a fork to coax the mushroom on and then off the spoon.

They are ready to sip and eat. I hope that you enjoy.

You will note in the shaky gif above, that there is a reddish spot in each of the sizzling or the transcending, mushrooms. Do not expect this, I was drinking scotch that night and decided to recklessly add a drop of Tai chilly sauce. Luckily it neither added to nor reduced from the delectable, mouthwatering, vial with its precious bodily fluids.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Defining Alberta one vehicle at a time

My guess is that the conservatives in Alberta did not like advertising the Wild Rose Party on the provinces' license plates so they have three new designs that they want Albertans to vote for. Although new and stylish, the designs totally miss the mark in representing the new Alberta. I think the one below better defines the Alberta that the rest of world sees.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Get a bucket and mop, clean the bottom and top

Shaw's Global Toronto ran a MacDonald's ad as a news story tonight. Watch the video here.

Global merged a story about, newly, published, research (with no MacDonalds references), by Dr. Marc-David Seidel, a professor at UBC’s Sauder School of Business with onsite interviews, with nice, white, Canadian, teenagers flipping burgers inside MacDonalds.

MacDonalds Canada has taken a major hit to its reputation, after revelations that they have been taking advantage of the Harper's government expanded Temporary Foreign Worker program.

After being caught replacing Canadian workers with lower cost foreign workers, their CEO, John Betts, made matters worse by sarcastically making light of the issue, in a recorded message to his franchisees.

And unfortunately when the big guys, especially the arrogant ones, screw up and light is shone upon their corporation's greed and their own arrogance, we all have to suffer through their ridiculous attempts to restore order. But don't worry Betts, Canadians will keep eating your cardboard imitation of meat. It is your American overlords, that you need to worry about, not for hiring of the indentured employees, but about how you handled the response when you were caught.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

PMO gives up chance to use its new anti-citizenship law

This must be disappointing for Harper's smarmy army

In response to a request made directly to Harper by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, asking him "to provide assurances that Mohamed Fahmy (the Canadian journalist, wrongfully convicted in Egypt) will not be stripped of his Canadian citizenship”, which is now possible with Harper's new definition of Canadian citizenship (Bill C-24).

One of Harper's PMO minions, Jason MacDonald (the beaming asshole on the left), ignored Mulclair, choosing to respond by email to the Canadian press that the government had no intention of doing that, claiming that the request was just another conspiracy theory from the opposition.

You would think that just once, these assholes would take a higher road when communicating to us.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It seemed like good over evil to me

Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals, gained 5 seats over their 2011 election results, Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats, gained 4 seats and Hudak lost 9 seats and his job.

Seemed like good over evil to me. The right wing CON party personally endorsed by Harper and his ministers was defeated without the dreaded progressive vote splitting taking place.

However, according to many posts around these parts, the results were a sham because Ontario used the existing electoral system, or it was not a progressive win because the Liberal party is not progressive, or an election result based on fear is somehow, not as valid as a result based on hope.

In my opinion, these bloggers are not paying attention to what is going on in this country and they should actually read the words that Simon puts out each and everyday. There is an evil political party in this country that needs to be voted out of office and Ontario just might be ready to do that.

The sad reality for some, is that there are ridings in Ontario that will never vote NDP, let’s call them the NDP hater ridings and of course there are also LIB hater ridings. Unfortunately for the NDP there are roughly five times more NDP haters than LIB haters, which explains why the 905 and many other urban ridings in Ontario, voted for Harper in the last federal election.

As an example, on the night before the last federal election, my Mississauga neighbour, a die hard Liberal was out on his lawn at midnight full of scotch, cursing Quebec and kicking the shit out of his Liberal lawn sign, not because he liked or disliked Ignatief, but because he knew he would have to vote Conservative in the morning, to prevent a possible NDP minority government.

Realistically the NDP both provincially and federally cannot win Ontario.

However if the vague d’orange resides back to a more realistic level in Quebec in 2015, Quebec and Ontario can be the provinces that put the stake into Harper’s cold, cold, heart and end his reign of terror.

On a personal note, I voted Liberal last week and I guess I am no longer a progressive. However I was never that fond of the word Progressive as it seemed like a cop out, that became popular when the crazy Americans made being a liberal a negative thing. Of course I am referring to the word liberal, meaning tolerant, unprejudiced, open-minded, enlightened as opposed to being a narrow-minded, bigoted conservative who believes it is their right to own automatic weapons and shoot non-whites, muslins and now apparently children and police officers.

I think I will now have to consider myself a Simonite.

Simonites can not only see the trees in the forest, they can read the leaves and they also try to put a nice, long, lasting shine on things.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wow,Wynne is awesome

A Liberal victory called and really close to a majority......

 Update Nancy LeBlanc (Impolitical) is leading in a close race, go Nancy.

Update: It's a Liberal Majority,

Still no word on Nancy.

Friday, June 6, 2014

There must be inbreeding in Nepean-Carlton

To torture myself, while working at home, because it shouldn’t, really be fun, I leave my television tuned to CP24 as back ground noise.

This morning, my head started to ache and my stomach started to heave and I thought I was about to become Ontario’s next West Nile victim, when I looked up at the TV and I realized that I was again listening to the ridiculous, over the top, ramblings of this obnoxious creature.

And then I thought who in their right mind would vote for such a partisan hack and sure enough, after very little research, it all made sense. 

The same idiot voters that vote for this asshole.

OMG: YouTube is actively campaigning for the Liberal party

There I was this morning, sitting with my eight year old granddaughter, about to get our morning dose of “a spoonful of sugar” and her favorite video was surrounded by this YOUTUBE/Liberal propaganda.

Oh wait, never mind,  my granddaughter explained to me that this was an advertisement that the Liberal Party of Ontario had purchased.

Sorry about that, I was having a dippy moment

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

nutty norquist north

Timmy is an idiot..

This week he introduced Grover Norquist’s "Taxpayer Protection Pledge,” into Canada. The one page pledge that we all should know by now, blackmailed republicans in congress to log jam the US government and prevent it from doing anything.

Of course with Timmy’s oath he is blackmailing himself and his own government from accomplishing anything, which I guess makes sense in his bizarro world where working at the same job for eight years is counted as eight new jobs.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Harper, bring back my Ecuadorian burger dressers

Five years ago, I thought, my goodness, there must be a large number of Mexicans immigrating into Canada. I was hearing and seeing Spanish speaking people working all over Mississauga and I thought, wow, that is cool, here is the next wave of new Canadians, adding some Latin heat to the unique ethnicity blend, that is one of the few redeeming features of living in Hazel’s crowded, little, city of 770,000.

I thought, they must really be pissed at the racist crap that is spreading in the US, amongst the border states, if they were willing to move all the way up here, into our northern clime.

My local Harvey’s (Dundas/Winston Churchill) employed four of my supposedly, Mexican women, ages 35 to 40, who spoke limited English, yet surprisingly had perfect communication skills when it came to burger dressing and whom also, worked as a well oiled team, helping to fill each others orders and shyly sharing smiles and hidden laughter at the typical banter I spew, when communicating to food preparers, waiters, waitresses, baristas, lawyers, greeters, bank tellers, doctors and of course LCBO employees that I frequently use the services of.

One night, I tipped one of the women, the three dollars of pocket change, that I did not have a pocket for and over the next two years all four of them recognized me with a big smile and many times remembered what I wanted on my wife’s veggie burger. Although strangely, they never seemed to get my jokes.

Anyway, about two years ago they all disappeared and as it is with most of the increasing number of bad things that are happening in Canada, I now know that it is Harper’s fault.

Apparently, my new Mexican immigrants were actually from Ecuador and the reason that they got along so well, was that they had all left their families behind and were living together in an apartment with other Ecuadorians and the reason that they were always mysteriously there, whenever my burger cravings could not be overcome, was not some cosmic syncing of the good things in my life, but that they were working at Harvey’s as temporary foreign workers and had little reason to take a day off.

So Harper, here’s the solution.

Do away with your obscene TFW program and expand our traditional immigration processes to encourage Ecuadorians or the citizens of any other country that meet the now lower qualifications of the TFW program, to immigrate here.

If they are allowed into Canada for four years as indentured employees, they should be allowed to immigrate here with their families as future Canadian citizens.

Thank you and while you are at it, see if you can find my four Ecuadorian burger princesses and see if they are willing to give our country a second chance,