There is something tragic about clowns named Chuckles

The famous one, surprisingly similar to our current Canadian version, was also known to take on many different disguises to conceal, cloak and gloss over his true identity, that of a clown.

A trait, which in the end, at least for the famous Chuckles sadly led to his demise, when he dressed as Peter Peanut to lead the Thanksgiving parade in Milwaukee, back in 1970, and was tragically crushed to death by a rogue elephant who tried to crack him open.

After reviewing the performance of the Conservative leader as reported by the bloggers around these parts, both from his hired help Kinsella and his most aggressive critic Simon, I am reminded of the famous words from the original Chuckles.

A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.


Such is the health of the nation, Canada 2019. A school marm who has so sullied his own reputation that his adversary, the 'summer help' guy is running neck and neck. They've turned this election into a dreary pissing contest. "I may be no damned good but he's worse." Many votes will be cast on that argument alone.

This election, IMO, is already a failure no matter the outcome. Come the 22nd we'll still have a Climate Quisling beholden to the fossil energy giants at the helm. The difference between them is that the Liberal proclaims a climate state of emergency, a reality the Conservative shuns. We are going to vote to waste four years we can't afford to squander, not if our young people are to have some viable future. Canada 2019.

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