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Things that piss me off, today

Government Negotiations 

Do you think that it might have been wiser to wait for the federal court decision on the legality of the approval process used by the National Energy Board when giving the go ahead for expansion of the Kinder Morgan bitumen pipeline, before spending 9 billion plus dollars on what was originally purchased for 110 million dollars by Kinder Morgan, ten years ago?

Considering that we all knew that Harper’s National Energy Board was nothing more than a corrupt industry rubber stamp. Isn’t that one of the many reasons we got rid of Harper, including of course hiding in a closet when we were attacked (in case anyone forgot)?

Somehow I am now supposed to be confident that our government can successfully renegotiate NAFTA with the Orange Asshole.

Jesus I’m sounding like a conservative.

Dating Apps

My son has become a player, in his dad’s mind. He has three different dating apps that apparently are for daters wanting three different types of dates. He showed me one app in action where he simply clicked on a portfolio at 3:00 am the night before and now, 12 hours later when he logged back in the woman replied, “yeah I’m free tonight”.

The last time time I dated was in 1970 and my pickup line was “do you want to screw?”. The two us either ended up finding a quiet corner or we went out and blew bubbles in the park. It seemed a lot easier then.

But it’s 2018, so I joined Our Time, a dating app for old people. Comparatively, his two  clicks over a 12 hour period resulting in a date of some type, equals my 11 months with multiple pages of texts going back and forth to get to have a coffee with a cool woman. 

What happened to all those young girls I blew bubbles with in seventies?

They’ve changed.


Bought some gummy edibles on line the other day. 

Ever since the Cash Office Manager (an amazing girl who had a great story about being in a Mexican jail for a month) of the Miracle Mart Department store I worked at in the late seventies, made all the staff that had to work on a May 24th weekend in the garden centre, hash brownies, I’ve been leery of the dosage of edibles. 

That day I spent over three hours beaming on top of ten skids of peat moss, after just one and I was the only person that knew tomato plants from strawberries (after all I was management).

Anyway, that is why I bought the small seven dollar pack of lower dose candy this time around. They were fine. The high was like how you feel about an hour after you do a toke. 

Although next time I’ll get a better dosage, my real complaint about edibles is the two hour wait for any effect to occur and by then it is usually too late in the day or night to take a second one and wait another two hours.

I think I will only do edibles when I have a whole day free, taking another one as soon as the first one takes affect etc. It will be a lot easier that sneaking out for a toke every now and then to hide from my grandkids.

Unless anybody has got a better suggestion and thank you for your time, I feel much better.


Helluva day, Willy. For a lot of us the strongest feeling is "finally."

Yesterday I came across a CBC story that a federal official said the pipeline purchase was a done deal even if the Federal Court of Appeal judgment scuttled the project. It struck me that was sheer incompetence on the government's part. Today Morneau confirmed the deal could be concluded as early as tomorrow.

It's hard for me to imagine the Supreme Court overturning the Federal Court of Appeal's unanimous decision given that it's anchored in powerful facts.

A fresh review holds another peril for the feds - the Precautionary Principle. Recent decisions of the Federal Court and the Supreme Court of Canada have upheld the principle as part of the substantive law of Canada. That goes directly to the question of oil spills, what happens to dilbit in seawater, and the peril to BC's marine life, particularly the endangered southern Orca.

The Federal Court ruling is also the encouragement the anti-pipeline protesters so badly need. It affirms that they, not this deplorable government, have the moral high ground that justifies ongoing civil disobedience in defence of our coast.
WILLY said…
I agree MoS, how do you not set a clause in KM contract to cover the peril of outstanding Federal suits. That is crazy or in the least incompetent.

What about the Edibles do you have any suggestions?

I'll have to get back to you on that after October 17.
Anonymous said…
When JT became upset with Suzuki calling him out, you just knew he thought himself intellectually above the mere hoi polloi. Morneau is just as bad. These whiz kids have not the imagination or wit to consider that they could be wrong on anything, so backstopping contracts never occurred to their super-smart selves. Now if they bulldoze ahead on Trans-Mountain expansion by changing a few rules here and there to disenfranchise those who thought the Federal Court had given the government a right ticking-off, and I wouldn't put it past them and the childish Notley to attempt to do so, then they are going to face some highly cheesed off First Nations folk, and an army of brolly-wielding grannies. Same thing would happen to Scheerly-not and Emperor Jason 1 in-waiting. We're at a crossroads.

What's the real root of all this? Stevie, another idiot who thought himself beyond criticism. If this were Westminster or Canberra, JT would be fired by his caucus for incompetence. But we gerrymandered the parliamentary system so the party hacks, er local political bosses, vote for leaders at national conventions, so that MPs follow like sheep for favours from the leader.

Edibles? 'Orrible, mate. Not recommended. Takes too long for effect, so you have no idea if you're under the line or wrecked or even barfing sick, comatose and need an ambulance. The latter's what's seems to be happening round these parts a lot as Emerge docs complained recently on local TV. Not like trying to guzzle a gallon of Chipman's hard cider or a flat of brewskis - you reach a burping back-teeth-afloat limit well afore you die. But you might still have a bozo ejecta eruption or poison yourself a bit and give yourself a head wider than the bathroom mirror the next morning as you sit on the throne and contemplate the state of man.

Monty Starshine
Willy said…
Monty you write some of the most interesting comments and as this case more interesting than the post.

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