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Sometimes you need a subtle superhero to maintain your sanity

Introducing Subliminal Message Guy whom ironically, considering the title of this post, is fighting overactive online self promotion of narcissistic minds with hidden subliminal messages buried within seemingly polite, praise worthy comments.


Bring it on. Can't wait.
Anonymous said…
I hear you.

Particularly enjoyable over the past few months were the several science-fiction essays on the nice little Dougie, Champeen of the Bewildered Little People of Ontari-ario.

Previously, assurances were given as to the real warm and cuddly nature of the former premier of Saskatchewan, one Wall No Ears.

Seems odd to find on a so-called progressive blog, praise for Cons. But we were assured these pols were really friendly guys and definitely not petrified dinosaurs sent to deliver prehistoric social programs to the huddled masses.

Through it all the self-promotion of the author shone through. Lookit my pals!

I read the blog to see what heaps of overconfident self-righteousness looks like in print.

Progressive? Hardly. The one thing I do applaud is the strong anti-racist stance. Gotta give him that.

Monty Starshine

WILLY said…
MoS, I already entered the first comment on Warren's sight and he didn't catch it. I guess he took it as a compliment. I'll try to be more direct with the next one.

Monty Sunshine, great name BTW. I agree with you, it is somewhat captivating reading Warrens blogs. Sort of like watching a slow motion car crash from inside a drunk drivers mind.

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