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If Moores racism hadn't trumped his pedophilia, he'd be a senator today

If eight African American women had come out against Roy Moore, their voices wouldn't of been heard, because Moore is a god fearing, good old Roy and in Alabama black lives don't matter, but their votes apparently do. The African American voters showed up in force and enough white folk spoiled their ballots or stayed at home to give Jones the win.

The Democrats or the American people for that matter should not be over celebrating the Alabama Senate seat election results, not when you consider the effort that was required to barely beat a homophobe bigot and proud racist who was facing pedophilia accusations. Trump still sits in the White House and many of the women that came out with their stories against Roy Moore, voted for Trump in the last election. Did they not believe Trump's accusers or hear his boasts in the Access media tape? Did they only watch Fox news? Who knows, but the US is one messed up country.

Then just when you are ready to write these backwards people off, you hear the voice of another Alabama good old boy and just think there might yet be hope.

Nathan Mathis, an Alabama peanut farmer stood outside Moore's last rally with a sign asking voters to not vote for a pervert. Nathan Mathis daughter was gay and she killed herself. Watching the video you can see his pain and hear his own guilt in the role he may have played in her death

Or maybe you have to loose someone or something that you love, before you really change and if that is the case, there are still many dark days ahead for the Americans. 


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