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I think Warren is right

Even though I am blocked from commenting on his blog, I often check out his take on current events. After all he is the most recognizable name and certainly the only true celebrity that regularly posts on Progressive Bloggers.

An author, TV personality and an expert on backroom political tactics, whom certainly knows more about the workings of a political party than I do, as demonstrated by the importance he is placing on the fact that our Prime Minister has violated a federal statute with four posts on the subject, so far this week.

In his last post using a clever Shakespearian turn of phrase to get our attention, Warren wants his readers to pay attention to how Liberal partisans that are defending the Prime Minister are similar to Conservative partisans who defended the former Prime Minister and obviously that is true. 

Then Warren goes further to place a plague on both their houses and proclaim his goal to become journalistic again. He certainly is an accomplished writer and a talented sketcher from the drawing he posted at one time (something that impressed my alternative online identity) and I guess also implying that he now considers himself to be non partisan.

However when it comes to the Trudeau holiday scandal "The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

When you run an ad on your blog for the Conservative party during the federal election and currently run an ad for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario on your site today, one might question your exuberance in highlighting this mole hill.

Personally, I am more concerned that Trudeau has not yet restored the protections to our waterways that Harper removed to help TransCanada with the Energy East regulations, or how Trudeau still claims that digging up more bitumen is more important than lowering our carbon foot print, or how we didn't get electoral reform. All things that Mound reminds me about daily.

I also believe that with all his flaws Trudeau is less harmful to our country than Harper was and certainly better than Sheer will ever be. Something that Simon reminds me of everyday.

As for Warren if and when you ever read this post, please note how I used multiple Shakespearian quotes to get your attention to the fact that in politics today you cannot be non-partisan, you are either left or right


Ben Burd said…
"An author, TV personality and an expert on backroom political tactics, whom certainly knows more about the workings of a political party than I do,"

Hmm unfortunately the egotistical Kinsella has been posting less of his prognostications on his site than laudatory missives about how well his book is doing or how he plays in his band.
WILLY said…
Hi Ben,
Hmm unfortunately my three year hiatus from blogging has taken a greater toll on my writing skills than I thought. I have apparently lost my ability to express sarcasm. But thanks for dropping by.
UU4077 said…
Great and thoughtful post.

When I challenged WK about those Conservative ads on his "blog" (apparently it's not really a blog, you know) during the federal election he banned me. He hated J Trudeau - until he was elected with a majority. Then he loved him.

Now, I'm guessing, WK must think the honeymoon's over so it's okay to start trashing him again. If WK thinks anyone but the politicos think JT's Christmas vacation is a problem he's more out of touch than he realizes. (The Harper government being found in contempt of Parliament was a much, much bigger issue - if you actually care about our system of government.)

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