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PizzaGate explained

from RollingStone article Anatomy of a fake news scandal.

Never heard Bernie speak until after the US election, saw the debates and thought Hillary cleaned Trump's clock. Knew Trump was a prick and couldn't understand how any sane person would vote for him, yet for some reason, I called myself a Bernie guy, didn't trust Hillary and had no idea why.

But, at least I didn't take my gun to a pizza joint to break up a pedophilia ring in the basement and end up getting four years in prison, like Ed Welch from North Carolina.

RollingStone in partnership with the Investigative Fund and the Centre for Investigative Reporting along with five other journalists tracked down the origins and methodologies used to propagate the most successful fake news story of the past election,

A good twenty minute read here.


Anonymous said…
Actually it was the fake moon landing that cost Hillary the election. Workers in Blue Wall states (under the spell of Russian chlorinated water - POE!) wanted to stop Hillary from faking a touchdown on the Red Planet - but only because she planned on exporting all the related fake jobs to TPP nations and China.

Here's how to keep safe in this post-truth era: the only way you can know a news story or op-ed is True News™ is if it comes from corporations spinning Russian conspiracy theories! (Trump is really a closet communist/lizard person and Soviet Russia only PRETENDED to end the Cold War 25 years ago!)
ffibs said…
My goodness anonymous, you sound like a very silly person.

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