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Age might play into this

Don’t care if Trudeau does not change how we vote, I’ve only got one election left before I am no longer capable of a coherent thought and that might even be a stretch. Hell, with Trump or the impending fallout from the collapse of neoliberalism or the self cleansing that our mother earth appears to be taking upon herself for her own survival, maybe we all only have a couple of elections left as an independent nation.

Don’t care if Trudeau doesn't re-instate protection for our waterways, so that he can build his pipelines and they are now his pipelines. The market will keep the shit in the ground, it will remain unprofitable. 

Don’t care about the small stuff he does like removing the corporate tax loopholes for small business owners. Ran my own business for twenty-five years, chose not to do it, it was cheating. If an owner fires employees because she or he can no longer legally evade taxes, then her or his business model is eventually going to fail anyway, fucking employees, suppliers and customers in the aftermath. They are in business for the wrong reasons and are most likely assholes. You know much like comparing doctors and lawyers to nurses and legal assistants.

Don’t care if Trudeau poses for way too many selfies, only speaks in evasive, politically correct platitudes and goes on holidays with rich friends, arrogance is expected with his job. At least he and his friends, the ones that I’ve heard about, are not born agains. Please mother earth take all the born agains first, we all think it would be rapturous.

Damn there seems to be a lot of things that I apparently will give Trudeau a pass on, I blame it partially upon having been forced to live through the dark decade with that closet hiding coward Harper.


Trudeau is fucking up the ending of prohibition against weed.

Unlike the myth that stoners won’t show up on the right day to vote, if you continue to fuck this up Justin we just won’t vote for you regardless which day we actually show up to vote.


You are cutting out the professionals who are providing the massses with dope at the expanded number of dispensaries. They were not allowed representation at the all party hearings while at the same time facing increased prosecution from police forces. Instead, we have a former provincial premiere representing a foreign drug producer moving to the front of the line to provide product through draconic provincially run monopolies, at least in Ontario.


Look at the choices of weed Colorado has. 

Who would you rather request advice from on which strain or potency you should purchase if you wanted one type of high to start your day or one to take before having a good meal at a dinner party you are forced to attend because you want to get laid at the end of the evening or which one for late at night when you are all alone and want to stream Twin Peaks for the third time or to set American Dad, Family Guy and Its Always Sunny in a continuous loop until you finally fall asleep, a liquor control rep or a pot smoker that has been dispensing weed for the last fucking decade.


Blair along with Marilyn Gladu for the cons and Don Davies for the dippers appeared on Friday's CBC bit about the forth coming wind down of the all party hearings dealing with the new proposals.

After listening to testimony from all the US states that have legalized pot, the Con MP is upset that they are being rushed because they haven’t heard from Paraguay yet. Okay I’ll go for that if you also include Portugal who have legalized all drugs and treat opioid drug addition as a disease, who have reduced overdose deaths, reduced drug related crimes and reduced overall drug use. Do you really want to open that door you self-righteous bitch?

Davies NDP MP was on his game and pissed that the Libs have not included younger users or the current purveyors as mentioned above or addressed all the criminal records of those who have been charged with possession during our long period of prohibition and more importantly, that the proposed law does not include edibles.

Look at the edibles available in Colorado. 

When challenged by the CBC moderator, that excluding the edibles, will in effect create two competing markets, one where the more toxic smoked delivered product will be provided by governmental bureaucracy and the safer, more convenient, edibles will be provided by the existing free market. Blair immediately falls back into his cop mode and states that any sale of non regulated products will be vigorously enforced by the police, highlighting the proposed increased police funding the new laws will include.

At which point the other members of the panel break into laughter and I changed the channel.


Like George Burns once said getting old has its down side, imagine trying to play pool with a piece of rope, although a larger than average girth of a rope I might add, but old age may also have an upside, especially when you find yourself surrounded by three cruisers and a bevy of cops.

About a year ago, I had to go the bank every other week to deposit cheques I kept mysteriously receiving because my wife died. I hadn’t cut my hair or shaved for almost two years, I wore the same toque and a three quarter length overcoat for over a year, regardless of the season, often when escaping for a smoke outside of the various hospitals I went to everyday, strangers would walk up to me and hand me money, apparently I didn’t look great and since I only showered when my grandkids told me I had to, odour might have also been an issue.

When I entered my bank one day and took my place in line, I noticed that there were three security guards dispersed around the branch with the largest, a six foot seven inch monster acting as a somewhat deranged looking meeter greeter, I looked up at him and commented “my god you’re a big un” and then eventually proceeded to my favorite teller for the deposit. I liked her because said that looking like Santa wasn't really a bad thing.

Unbeknownst to me the monster greeter had gotten nervous and called the cops thinking I resembled some 40 year old master thief who had been running around the GTA robbing banks for the last month and half. Leaving the bank I was met with three crusiers and five cops, who after exchanging pleasantries walked me to my jeep which they then searched and while frisking me asked me to emplty my pockets. My cell phone, wallet, pack of smokes, lighter and a used kleenex were placed on the hood of my jeep along with a really cool looking handcarved wooden box. The young and surprisingly still nervous acting cop picks up the cool hand carved wooden box and asked "what is this".

"Oh, that's where I keep my weed, you know marijuana. It is kinda of a cool delivery system", I continued, "It has this metal tube that resembles a cigarette so you can tap it down on the weed next to it. You know so that you get a quick but potent hit and not necessarily freak out everyone sitting around you" At which point the young cop said "Stop, that's okay we don't really need to know about that" placing the cool hand carved box with my other belongings on the hood of my jeep.

Maybe that experience is the new normal in the dying days of prohibition. It certainly wasn't like that fifty years ago when I was stopped and searched in every town I entered west of the Lakehead with mounties intensely rooting through my belongings in search of weed as I tripped out on acid, similar in fact to the attitude and rhetoric displayed by Trudeau's chosen drug tsar Bill Blair on Friday's political program.

I truly believe if Bill Blair instead of FDR had ended prohibition in the US in 1933, the Americans would of been left with bath tub gin being their only choice of alcohol.

Yup I'm just too fucking old.


"too fucking old" - there's a lot of that going around at the moment. Will Jr. keep his promise on pot? Handing the job to Blair was an inauspicious start, akin to putting Sister Mary in charge of condom production. Out here on the island few seem to care, including the cops. I was talking to a young producer yesterday. He's exploring the prospects of setting up a service where he goes to the customer's home, discusses their needs and interests, sells, sets up and services the hydroponics equipment, and then makes periodic visits (monthly?) to tend to the plants up to harvest. A lot of city types, me included, have enough trouble growing a few carrots. This young fellow has marketable knowledge.

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