God Damn these Harpercons

You know I’ve cast a lot of votes
Oh Lord, my choices were not always smart
But I never voted for a politician
That was willing to tear our country apart
You know I’ve seen a lot of people walking around
With apathy in their eyes.
But the conservatives they don’t care 
Ah, it’s the only way they will survive

God Damn, the cons
God Damn these Harpercons

You know the politicians, the politicians are just humans
With the desire to help the people of the land
Oh but the Harpercons are real monsters
Good God, they are more than our country can withstand
The politicians for your vote
Lord, will make lots of claims that can’t be proven
Ah, but the Harpercons break our laws
Lord, they’ll leave our country in ruins

God Damn, the cons
God Damn these Harpercons

Well, now we are the citizens of this land
You know, we should declare total war on the Harpercons
We should become a coalition of non partisans to finally end this rot
And vote for the candidate that can beat them be it Lib, NDP or the BLOC

God Damn, the cons
God Damn these Harpercons

With apologies to Hoyt Axton, may he rest in peace.


JJ said…
Bwahaa! That's great!
WILLY said…
Hey JJ, I've seen you tweeting around lately:D

That's a good thing.

This post sort of came to me on a somewhat relaxing night and it sounded so profound when I first wrote it down :)

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