We were a somebody once

Sadly there is a lot of dispiriting talk around these parts, lately. We can no longer recognize our country. Foreigners are asking our emissaries: where is Canada, what happened to the Canadians? 

We want our country back.

As many bloggers have commented, I too, was starting to become frustrated with the ridiculous conservative ads, attacking Ignatieff’s citizenry, followed by soft spoken, hazy images of Harper working alone, tirelessly at the helm of the nation, protecting us from the troubling international waters.

Yes, it is despairing times, indeed.

Then LeftDog gave us a memory from 40 years back and I remembered what it felt like to be a Canadian when I was somewhat younger, in the seventies, when we had a leader that was more proud to be a Canadian than I was.

A leader that snubbed his nose at our largest trading partner and opened relationships with Cuba. A world class statesman that opened communication with China, the USSR and the world at large. 

A leader that would never sing an Irish ditty to impress a US president and secure a personal retirement program.

A leader that would never act like a junior partner just to sell some oil.

Unfortunately, I get it, Iggy is not a Trudeau and sadly neither is Jack, or your parents thought old Pierre was an arrogant asshole (which he probably was) and therefore he will always be one to you. 

However back then I felt proud to be a Canadian and not because we won more gold medals than anyone else ever or because the PMO told me so, but because we had a leader that was a somebody and more proud to be Canadian than I was.

I refuse to believe, that was the best we will ever be.


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