Is Dion up for the game?

A lot of my favorite progressive sites are so pissed at the liberals for the ongoing acquiescence to the harpies that they appear ready to throw the baby out with the bath water and go to a general election. The tipping point was the passing of bill C-484, "the piece of dishonest, incremental legislation intended to criminalize abortion" as well defined by the Galloping Beaver here

And they have a right to be pissed. This back door, private member, evangelical based, piece of crap was not tied to a confidence vote and Dion along with other shadow cabinet members went AWOL. But wait, "the Liberal leader never votes on private member bills" so I was told by my local MP. "It is a long standing rule within the party" Well fuck that and wake up a smell the roses Dion. Harper is the devil (as in a mischievously clever or self willed person) and he isn't playing by the old rules. Don't tell me that you are following rules established by Trudeau, Chr├ętien and that sycophant Martin. You are going against a well financed, well "oiled" political and ideological machine that wants in my humble opinion to destroy our country. 

Change the fucking rules! This was a golden opportunity to not only stand up for Canadian women, but to demonstrate what the liberal party believes in. You should of stood up for what you believe in and you should of whipped your party's members. 

Instead as my MP further explained "some (liberal) members voted for the bill because of the calls they got from their constituency". Guess what, the evangelical right wingers are organized (you know like in the US). They are the loud, overbearing, minority that Harper is paying tepid support to. You know, part of his base. They got their marching orders and called their MP. 

You can not afford to let your naive, inexperienced members get used like this and you too, Mr Dion, can not afford to be so naive. You are not fighting the old PC political machine here, you are fighting the Neocons, the new 21st century robber barons, the Frums, Kristols, Cheneys and Pearls. They are expanding northward and unfortunately in our case their stooge up here is more intelligent than Bush.

And unfortunately for you Mr. Dion, by winning the leadership of the liberal party you are now the only person that can actually stop Harper. I agree and understand why you can't go to the polls right now. If there is a chance of a Harper majority, it is too big a risk for the country and the damage could be irreparable for decades, like it currently is in the US. 

But you need to show us more here than the image of a quiet, reasonable and seemingly intelligent man that is either trying to play tennis on an ice rink or is just simply not up for the game. Change the fucking rules and get your fucking party's act together.


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