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Dear Progressive Bloggers Admin people

Us millennial types like to peruse the Progressive Bloggers aggregator via our iPhones (thank you Steve may you rest in peace), and as nice as your new Wordpress theme is somewhat 2010ish, it doesn't work on an iPhone or I assume the cheaper glitzier Chinese knockoffs. 

Do you want to fix that?

Thank you


Anonymous said…
I agree. ProgBlog is now totally unreadable on my Android Phone. So bad it's incomprehensible unless I use it in landscape mode, and then it's just bloody awful.

This is actually far worse than 8 or 9 years ago when one had to roar around desktop-suitable webpages on phones. But at least you could.

Argh! ProgBlog needs fixing.

Anonymous said…
Joking aside, I feel the apparent state of affairs at ProgBlog (its unavailability on phones currently and that fact that the 'contact' link doesn't work so there is no way to provide suggestions or perhaps assistance) is more than a just a personal misfortune or an annoyance.

I'm sure someone, somewhere has, and continues, to dedicate valuable time to keeping things running at ProgBlog and we should all be grateful that the vision and work has continued as long as it has. (I just bet no-one has ever been adequately remunerated for this work).

Now is the time when this 'service' is, or certainly could be, coming into its own; when, as Canadians, we need to hear the progressive voice and be able to find those who are providing that voice.

I am actually crestfallen that I no longer can easily access this service and its advantages for following and finding Canadian progressive voices as I have become accustomed to do on my phone.
WILLY said…
Hi BM and Anonymous 4:54, it looks like they did a change on the mobile format tonight (Saturday, June 2, 2018). Strange looking but i've complained enough for now.
Scott Tribe said…
If you folks would like to suggest a mobile plugin that works (and doesnt cost anything), I am all ears.

The mobile plugin we have now from what I can see, works on my end. This is a volunteer site, and while I am good with Wordpress.. I am not a coder and can only do so much.

Scott Tribe
Admin - Progressive Bloggers.
Scott Tribe said…
Alternatively... you can read it on your laptop or desktop if it doesn't work. Remember.. this is a volunteer site and the affiliates are on here by their consent and wishes to be a Prog Blog affiliate.. and aren't being charged to use it.

If folks think they can setup and run a better aggregator, please set one up.. I've run or helped run this site since it was created in 2005 , basically paid for its monthly fees on my own (with the exception of this past December, when I asked on our FB group for donations that would help me keep it up) and put up with lots of annoyances. I'd be more then happy to turn it over to people who can run one better.
Scott Tribe said…
I am told the changes we've done now work with mobile. Hope everyone also can view it properly.


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