Friday, April 29, 2011

Ignore Harpers Voter Suppression tactics

Do not believe the bullshit that the conservatives can no longer get a majority.

Our country is still in danger.

This was more brilliantly explained, earlier today by DAMMIT JANET, so if we want to avoid the big step to the right, go to their post here and then get out the vote.

I would also suggest that you should vote smartly and place it for the candidate that has the best chance to drive a stake through the heart of these assholes, but then again, I am a strategically focused ABCer.

Meanwhile for the DJ ladies

and keeping on the same theme one for Stevie Harper, because I know this would piss him off.


fern hill said...

Thanks, Willy. Fun!

But, seriously, we have to keep our eye on the ball.

WILLY said...

Hi Fern,

I owed you a nod from the other day.

Simon said...

hi Willy... post and right on. Also great minds think alike. I wrote a similar post. But with your musical choice you win hands down :)

WILLY said...

Hi Simon,

I saw that, 3 minutes a part, but Fern is right,

We haven't stopped his majority yet.