Thursday, April 7, 2011

Apparently conservative MP Bob Dechert is smiling

According to the Mississauga News last week, Bob Dechert conservative MP for Mississauga Erin Mills is smiling because the NDP nominee and candidate from the last election bailed out one day before declaring his candidacy. Not only did the ex-nominee leave his party high and dry, he declared that he was now planning to help Mr. Harper get a majority.

It seems obvious that the ex-candidate is an ambitious young man and one would now, have to question his motives for running as an NDP candidate during the last election. The NDP garnered 4,774 votes or 8.5% in 2008 and the Liberal incumbent, Omar Alghabra who garnered 42.0%, lost his seat to the now smiling Bob by 397 votes.

The NDP quickly filled the unexpected vacancy with a very capable candidate, one would assume, but the bottom line is that NDP will never win this riding or come close and if we want to replace smiling Bob and his equalling arrogant leader, Mississauga Erin Mills NDP supporters should vote for Omar this time out.

Just to clarify, although I am an Omar supporter again this year, I am not a Liberal party member and according to the CBC voter gizmo I am somewhere left of the NDP and Gandhi. However, I would strongly suggest that if you want to support the NDP In Erin Mills this year, send them twenty dollars and vote for Omar.

Bob, we are going to wipe that smile from your face.

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