Monday, May 3, 2010

Smoke em if you got em

If you are going to spend up to 2 billion a year on prisons, you better use them. Harper has decided to reintroduce his draconian drug laws, only this time through his new hand picked senate. 

Harper wasn't happy with the changes made by the senate, prior his last prorogation, which killed the first bill. So it's back to the doubling of minimums from 7 to 14, mandatory sentencing and one plant equals a grow-op.

Harper has nothing to loose by reintroducing this bill. This time around the sober second thought will reside in parliament where I fear that the best the Liberals will go for is to roll back to the previous senate ruling. After all you can't be painted soft on crime.

Of course alternatively Ignatieff could propose tougher laws for hard drugs, finally instate decriminalization of marijuana possession and demonstrate that he understands where the problem is.

But hey I've been smoking all weekend.

Canadian Press via Macleans here.

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