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A shot of the Blues

There's been way too much feminism being displayed here lately with posts about abortion, women's rights and the like. This blog and Willy both need a shot of testosterone.

Here's I'm a Man by Bo Diddley in a live performance with Steve Crooper on lead.

The first bit is Who do You Love which Bo Diddley also wrote. I'm glad I found this performance, it was only posted on You Tube two days ago. This is the version of the song that I grew up with and although Muddy Waters' cover of the song, Mannish Boy, gets a lot more play around these here parts, I like the original.

I saw Bo Diddley at Ronnie Hawkins' bar, backed by the pre-Band, Band on January 10, 1963 or possibly 64. I remember the date because it was Hawkins birthday. The year and whether it was raining or possibly snowing is harder to remember. The bar was almost empty and they let two fifteen year olds, with phony 21 year old ID in. What amazes me now, was that I was sitting there listening to this kick ass band who were having a party on stage, musicians that I would later idolize and all I could talk about for months, was the two twenty something Go Go dancers, one of whom was wasted, because Bo Diddley kept buying her drinks.

Next up is Leon Russell doing Come into my Kitchen, the arguably least popular of Robert Johnson's songs. There are other versions of this song on the tubes but hey it's Leon's birthday today.

If you made it this far here's Rude Mood, Stevie Ray Vaughan's, Grammy nominated cover of Lightning Hopkins Sky Hop. Wikipedia describes Rude Mood, as a blues shuffle instrumental in 4/4 (common time) and played at an extremely quick 264 beats a minute. I think it is just Stevie Ray whaling away on his guitar, like nobody else could.

I finally realized why pogge posts the blues every Friday night. He gets to listen to great tunes all Friday afternoon as he picks out tracks.



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Surprising how some tunes are just timeless