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Harper now takes meat inspection very seriously, well at least until next Tuesday

Maple Leaf has come up with four new positive tests for listeria. The Toronto plant which has run over 5,000 tests since it reopened in September has reported 4 positives.
"We've just received results related to these four positives," Paul Mayers, associate vice-president of the CFIA, told the Globe. "The plant is operating. The product isn't reaching the marketplace.
In fact according to the CBC article here, the CFIA has withheld all food manufactured by the Maple Leaf plant since it reopened.

The CFIA and Health Canada (who at least showed up this time) are going to determine whether additional measures are necessary at the plant.

Although the renewed precautions are appreciated, it isn’t as if Canadians are clamoring to get their hands on Maple Leaf packaged food products right now anyway.

With 20 deaths confirmed to be related to the Listeria break out and another 6 being investigated, you would expect the CFIA and Health Canada to take our food safety more seriously.

However I would have to question why officials from the Prime Ministers Office and the Privy Council would have to be involved in yesterday’s meeting to discuss the test results.

I mean how broken are our inspection agencies under this government.
Federal officials from the Prime Minister's Office, the Privy Council Office and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency met late Wednesday to discuss the findings, according to a report by the Globe and Mail.
On second thought it's probably not that bad. Harper's gestapo were probably just there to prevent Ritz and Clement from telling any more jokes and you know sort of control the messaging. 

After all there is an election to win next Tuesday.


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