Monday, August 25, 2008

A boat load heading to the Arctic

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper will head north for his fourth visit in three years.

This week more than 500 troops will be participating in Operation Nanook 08.
"The Canadian Forces, along with our other government departments, need to be ready to respond to... threats such as environmental accidents, oil spills (and) potentially communicable disease outbreaks on a cruise ship," said Brig-Gen. David Millar, commander of Joint Task Force North.
The exercise is probably necessary once the oil companies find out who they have to pay the royalties to and start drilling.

However the real purpose of this week's PR operation which also includes CSIS, Canadian Border services and civilian agencies is to reinforce Canada’s forthcoming UN claim to suspected rich oil deposits along the Lomonsov Ridge.

The Prime Minister expected to return to Ottawa.

Reference CTV here and the National Post here.

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