Monday, September 21, 2015

To my idiot neighbours in Streetsville

As explained by Rick Mercer

and as we witnessed in Parliament.

Besides Brad thinks that this is a good look.


The Mound of Sound said...

Streetsville, you say. What a douchebag.

WILLY said...

Sadly MoS it is so. Purple Mississauga is full of these assholes. Tomorrow I will tell you about Bob Dechert the lecherous Con MP in Erindale Mississauga. The only person in the world that had both Rick Mercer and Ezra Levant went after.

Pamela Mac Neil said...

I've learned, actually not to long ago, that an MP can tell a bold face, then retract it with another lie and there are voters who do not thinks it's really a big deal that he lied. They don't really care that he lies. They just don't think about it. They'll continue to vote for him. So what if he's a liar. They think, he's of our tribe and we support him.

the salamander said...

.. Stephen Harper has led the breakthrough in political lying. Full Stop.
Our current PM discovered that the more you lie, deceive, twist, obstruct, redact, confuse, conflate, pretend, pose, defraud. deny, lie, lie some more.. the less anyone is willing or capable of keeping track of it all. So Brad Butt's bullshite, the Calandra canards, Peter Kent's treachery, Peter MacKay's fallacies, the 'spend more time with my family' spinners & philanderers, the money shuffle demons, the data cranks, robowankers, fake immigrants... are all safely nested as 'just political speech' or 'hijinks' .. Today there are spokeswanks ready to quickly spew nonsense to mainstream media - hosing down the transgressions so to speak.. Thus we have James Moore and Laureen proclaiming nonsense re Terry Fox family 'enthusiasm' and wiping a bald face Harper lie 'I never said MIW were not high on my radar' from the front page, mid web or anywhere page.. Brad Butt is way way back in the trail of Harper deceit, despite being an astounding example of rancid values in a public servant position. Now, after lying through your teeth.. they just need a spokeswank to pop up and say 'the Honorable Member mis-spoke...' or received incorrect information from a volunteer underling.. or TFW .... or 'No Comment' ... or they just get disappeared by The PMO, Jenni Byrne or spoken to by Arthur Hamilton, who is currently silenced himself.

WILLY said...

Pam (can I call you Pam)

Unfortunately politicians lie, not just CONS and not just in Parliament. But what got me with Butt's performance above and gets me with Harper's crew in general, is that they not only construct outrageous lies to push through corrupt laws, but the construction of those lies is developed by the PMO as part of the launch programme.

He lied about seeing voter fraud as a reason to bring in a law they claimed would reduce voter fraud. Fraud that he then had to admit did't exist. A law that passed which in fact makes it harder for seniors and students at universities to vote. A law that in fact makes it harder for all of us to vote and at the same time takes powers away from Election Canada to monitor and investigate claims of fraud.

It would be humorous if it was not happening in our country.

And the fact that voters in Streetsville would accept this, not question this, amazes me.