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No where to run, no where to hide

We are lead to believe that there is a moral difference between bombing an abandoned hospital that snipers took cover in and bombing a hospital that you ordered to be evacuated before the snipers took cover.
Unfortunately, the end result is the same, Gaza looses a hospital.
A similar tactic was used today to destroy a UN run school sheltering displaced families seeking shelter from the onslaught. Unfortunately not enough time was allowed for the evacuation and as men, women and children (families) waited in the courtyard for evacuation the Israeli bombs started falling killing over a dozen people and wounding an undisclosed number.
That should teach the UN, to suggest that Israel might be guilty of war crimes for not taking enough care to avoid killing innocent civilians (families).


Anonymous said…
what are Harper and Baird saying?
WILLY said…

As you are aware Baird has come out, on the day following the greatest number of Palestinian deaths, accusing the council of ignoring Hamas's terrorist acts which are striking fear in millions of Israelis.

Although from what I have seen, with all the concern about the cancelling of flights to Israel for two days, being broadcast hourly on CP24 and apparently a nightly news worthy item, there is greater fear from Israel, about the loss of face, for some flight being cancelled, than the possibility of loosing an Israeli life from an aimless low tech rocket.

Anonymous said…
Harper and Baird support Israel. The deaths of the Palestinian children were, merely collateral damage. So Baird and Harper, are disgusting as usual.

Canada is no longer a democracy but, is now a dictatorship. I don't recall any dictators through the ages, were ever concerned about the deaths of children.

Harper as a fascist monster, doesn't care about Canadians nor, Canadian children either.

Harper loves Harper and that is all Harper cares about. Sociopaths are unable to care about others, than themselves.
WILLY said…
Oh sorry anon, I guess more useless rhetoric was the answer you were looking for.

Sorry this site is already full of useless rhetoric, take yours somewhere else.

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