Friday, July 11, 2014

Defining Alberta one vehicle at a time

My guess is that the conservatives in Alberta did not like advertising the Wild Rose Party on the provinces' license plates so they have three new designs that they want Albertans to vote for. Although new and stylish, the designs totally miss the mark in representing the new Alberta. I think the one below better defines the Alberta that the rest of world sees.


the salamander said...

.. Alberta, Albertans.. and the rest of Canada
can thank their current Prime Minister
Yes, that 'westerner' from Leaside, Toronto

Today, the Alberta license plate
tomorrow, the entire boreal forest

WILLY said...

Thanks for dropping by, salamander

You are correct sir, we need a Prime Minister for the rest of us.

The Mound of Sound said...

Love it man, love it. You might think about hawking those as souvenir licence plates.

WILLY said...

Hey MoS

Thought the piece on FL and AUS was great. Really surprised about the Aussies considering their focus on exporting their country by the tonne.