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It seemed like good over evil to me

Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals, gained 5 seats over their 2011 election results, Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats, gained 4 seats and Hudak lost 9 seats and his job.

Seemed like good over evil to me. The right wing CON party personally endorsed by Harper and his ministers was defeated without the dreaded progressive vote splitting taking place.

However, according to many posts around these parts, the results were a sham because Ontario used the existing electoral system, or it was not a progressive win because the Liberal party is not progressive, or an election result based on fear is somehow, not as valid as a result based on hope.

In my opinion, these bloggers are not paying attention to what is going on in this country and they should actually read the words that Simon puts out each and everyday. There is an evil political party in this country that needs to be voted out of office and Ontario just might be ready to do that.

The sad reality for some, is that there are ridings in Ontario that will never vote NDP, let’s call them the NDP hater ridings and of course there are also LIB hater ridings. Unfortunately for the NDP there are roughly five times more NDP haters than LIB haters, which explains why the 905 and many other urban ridings in Ontario, voted for Harper in the last federal election.

As an example, on the night before the last federal election, my Mississauga neighbour, a die hard Liberal was out on his lawn at midnight full of scotch, cursing Quebec and kicking the shit out of his Liberal lawn sign, not because he liked or disliked Ignatief, but because he knew he would have to vote Conservative in the morning, to prevent a possible NDP minority government.

Realistically the NDP both provincially and federally cannot win Ontario.

However if the vague d’orange resides back to a more realistic level in Quebec in 2015, Quebec and Ontario can be the provinces that put the stake into Harper’s cold, cold, heart and end his reign of terror.

On a personal note, I voted Liberal last week and I guess I am no longer a progressive. However I was never that fond of the word Progressive as it seemed like a cop out, that became popular when the crazy Americans made being a liberal a negative thing. Of course I am referring to the word liberal, meaning tolerant, unprejudiced, open-minded, enlightened as opposed to being a narrow-minded, bigoted conservative who believes it is their right to own automatic weapons and shoot non-whites, muslins and now apparently children and police officers.

I think I will now have to consider myself a Simonite.

Simonites can not only see the trees in the forest, they can read the leaves and they also try to put a nice, long, lasting shine on things.


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