Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nothing mysterious about gods followers

This is a picture of Stephen Woodworth, the Harper conservative MP from Kitchener Ontario who instead of facing total humiliation with the rejection of his private member’s bill and ending his backdoor attempt to revisit the legality of abortion, is using his mother’s impending death as an excuse for not bringing his bill to parliament. His private member’s bill will now receive it’s second hour of debate in the fall which will of course provide the anti-abortion wing-nuts two more months in the sun, to spread their bullshit. I’m not sure if this makes him pro-death, but he certainly is a sleaze bag.


Beijing York said...

I was in meetings all day yesterday and too tired to check out political events so I missed this.

Over a DJ, it seems there was lots of PMO pressure to put a lid on this. Perhaps we should be reminding everyone that the motion is not dead and these Harper God men and women won't let it go.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Woodworth thinks the "new" abortion caravan, aka the fetusmobile trucks that are travelling across Canada this month, will change bring him more support to control the reproductive lives of women. Pretty lame hope.

WILLY said...

Thanks for dropping by:

Sadly the pressure by the PMO to save face for Harper and postpone the vote, just gives the fetus fetishes an extended period to spew their poison.