Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Harpers tar pit

Is the title of a one page article describing Harpers Canada by author Andrew Nikiforuk, in the current AdBusters and my new name for Alberta.

Thank you Andrew.


sassy said...

It is the perfect name.

Why can't I find the article you refer to online?

Simon said...

hi Willy...I LOVE it !!! The only thing worse than that would be Harper Armpit. Oh wait, what's that stench? :)

WILLY said...

Hi Sass

I tried to find it online also, but it appears to only be in the print edition.

WILLY said...

Hi Simon,

I think it is time to start using harper as a verb or adverb. e.g. the event was totally harpered when the roof caved in. Or possibly a noun, e.g. Johnny you have to share your toys don't be a harper. Maybe we need a Santorum contest.

Anyway congratulations on the popularity of your posts, The Front page of ProBlogs looks like a Montreal Simon site :D