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Let me get this straight

We are being asked to believe that the same Harper who had our public servants roaming Canada counting and then reporting to him, on a weekly basis, the number of Economic Action Plan signs that were in place in preparation for the election, did not check to see if the voter suppression tactics were in place for the targeted ridings. He might not have known exactly what time in the night, Mrs. Shirley Johnson in Mississauga was to receive the annoying call from a conservative pretending to be a Liberal supporter or the exact phony location that Liberal supporters were being sent to in Sudbury, but he sure as hell knew that both tactics would be used. Hell, when you hire the services of American voter suppression specialists, it is like ordering from a Chinese menu: 75,000 misdirection calls, 140,000 annoying late night calls, 75,000 Sabbath calls….. Oh would you like ballot box stuffing with that order?


I think we're about to find out exactly why we still have a Governor General. We have a full blown Constitutional crisis brewing, and we're about to see and hear things we thought only happen in other countries. Hundreds of thousands in the streets. Questions of whether the military will support the illegitimate regime clinging to power or the Crown. Partisans trying to equate political incorrectness in the form of vikileaks with robogate, which amounts to treason. Canadians saying "enough is enough" and demanding new elections.
Anonymous said…
Uhh, not with this Governor General. Why did the Mulroney-Schreiber inquiry steer clear of the 'Airbus affair'? Because a lawyer wrote up the framework the inquiry operated under which prevented that. A certain David Johnston, now Governor General. Would Harper have appointed anyone he didn't think was on his side?
WILLY said…
Unfortunately LS I agree with Anonymous.

I also believe Johnston is a plant. He was sold to the public as one of the leading constitutional experts when he was appointed, but the ones doing the selling were the PMO and I do not believe anything that the politburo puts out.

The call for by-elections should be the next step, but that will not happen as Harper will fall back that the investigation has not come to a conclusion. An investigation that could be stretched until after the next election.

I am afraid that Paul Martin will be the last Prime Minister to call for an investigation into his own party's wrong doings.

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