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Apply Canada Day

This has become my annual Canada Day post. I thought about creating a new one, last year and again briefly this week, but it seems that I will spend this year's Canada Day as I have the three or so before, being a typical, non political, over worked, Canadian, who is just happy that he does not have to go work today.

A self centred, self pitying, working day hero, with his head buried so far up the daily corporate socialization of emails, blogs, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook feeds that have taken over his company's messaging vehicles, that the simple act of writing a post at home becomes too much like work.

I talk to Americans every day, republicans, I teach evangelical churches how to better control their finances, I communicate with Canadian conservatives, and conservative business people, about how to record their investments and better monitor the performance of their holdings. When they screw up they send me their data and I fix their entries and get them back online.

This is not what a young at heart, aged hippie should be doing for a living, even the fact I know how to do this stuff is depressing. Hell, I could have gone to Woodstock, except that I had to work that weekend :D.

So today as I have in the past I am celebrating being the Canadian I wanted to be in the Canada I wish we had.

Appy Canada Day.


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