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Where is a god when you need one

Because if there was one handy, Stockwell Day would spend his after life rotting in hell.

This former evangelical minister, ex-leader of the reform party and now retiring ex-menial, minister, is now considered the calming, honest voice for the contemptuous Harper government. Last night on Strombo, (video below) Day lied his ass off, in trying to explain one of the most corrupt acts that this excuse for a government has pulled off in four years.

On the morning of their last day in power, on the day that they knew they were going to be found in Contempt of Parliament, Harper’s government offered an opposing report on the G8/G20 spending spree. An opinion that went against the majority of our representatives and a constructed opinion that included a quote from the Auditor General that claimed, they the Harper government used sound processes in spending $1.2 billion of our money and that these funds were spent as intended.

Forgetting, for a just a moment that these funds included up to $500 million of outright pork barreling (buying votes & political payback) exclusively to conservative ridings that were nowhere near the summits, the quote was an outright fabrication.

The quote used was from ten years previous, from a CBC television interview, in response to Liberal spending regarding the immediate aftermath of 911.

And Day’s explanation (at min. 2:04 of the video below)

“the person writing the report, looked at the report the governor general had given, she had addressed subject A & subject B and the guy putting this report quickly, took a quote from part B and put it in part A, and I am not going to judge and say he didn’t do that deliberately (Day’s eyes close) but we are going to find out and get to the bottom of it.”

Excuse me, Day, subject A and subject B, that span ten years, dealing with completely different events, not to mention different political parties is being passed off as possibly a clerical error or god forbid an over zealous unnamed individual. You, Peter MacKay, the head of the Committee and your contemptuous leader know who wrote the report and who ordered it to be fabricated.

Unfortunately Stockwell, you will get older and in a couple of years as Canadians start to forget that you ever existed, you will lie awake at night remembering the futility of your wasted time spent on this planet and in those agonizing moments you will remember your despicable performance last night.

And somehow that thought may help me sleep better tonight, you despicable sack of shit.


Alison said…
Yeah, you can see how dissenting Con members on the committee might easily confuse a report on the Canadian government's response to planes being flown into the Trade Towers in New York on 9/11 ten years ago with the AG's current investigation into the G8/G10 Slush Fund.

So what was their excuse for also misquoting Kevin Page in the same report?
Daniel Peters said…
They didn't just "accidentally" copy and paste some out-of-context text from the AG. It's worse than that. They "accidentally" transcribed some of the AG's spoken words from a TV interview.
ffibnamol said…

I forgot about that part of the lie.
ffibnamol said…

Exactly a CBC transcript and a report that the AG had not released. Total fabrication.

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