Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vote ABC

Taking Cathie's lead I too have just added the Project Democracy widget to the sidebar.

I live in a Key Contest riding of Miossissauga, Erindale:

This is a swing riding that Conservative Bob Dechert took by just under 400 votes in 2008. Former MP Omar Alghabra is running again and when he won last, he won by 328 votes.

The NDP and Greens received over 8,000 votes combined in Mississauga-Erindale, but neither have a chance of winning. This is tragic vote splitting causing a retrograde Conservative candidate to win. Liberal Omar Alghabra stand the best chance to unseat the Conservative.

If you live here and want rid of Harper, all NDP & Greens should vote Liberal.

You probably know how your riding sits, but enter the postal code for your cousins, your co-workers, all the non politcos that you know, and then let them know what the effect of their vote will be. Feel free to piss off everyone you know, this election is that important.

Thank you this a non sponsored message from an ABCer.

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