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Priorities of a Harper Majority

Crime: Solving the problem of the increasing number of unreported crimes, that has been sweeping the nation.

New laws will make it illegal to not report serious crimes, including crimes dealing with drug use, which simultaneously will be treated in the future as more serious crimes, by doubling the length of sentences for possession, distribution and consumption of marihuana and of course implementing mandatory sentencing. With more criminals and longer sentences the increased costs to build and manage the new prisons across the country will be offset by private sector partnerships with US based security conglomerates. 

Terrorism: Eliminate the American’s angst of Canadian suicide bombers pouring across the largest unprotected border in the world.

By reducing quotas for the number of family members that can migrate to Canada, the majority of new immigrants will consist of temporary workers whose movements will be tracked by the various provincial sponsorship programs and immediate placement into the US controlled DHS databases. The same databases that will record the travel of all Canadians outside of their country, after they have been processed by either retina and/or full body scans, which will be purchased from the US based security conglomerates.

The deficit: Provide more cost effective services while alleviating Canadian fears of loosing access to social services, healthcare and retirement.

Similar to the current proposal to supplement the Canadian Pension program, with privately funded programs thus allowing the government to reduce future costs with the current program, tax incentives will be offered to Canadians who wish to opt out of the government healthcare program.

It is all about providing Canadians a choice and Canadians who take control of their own healthcare needs will be serviced by the expansion of private specialized clinics and of course access to private US hospitals. As more Canadians opt out, wait times in the existing emergency rooms will be reduced, thus eliminating the need for the government to slash provincial transfers beyond recovering the cost of the necessary tax incentives. The cost of new clinics will be offset by private sector partnerships with US based healthcare conglomerates.

The Economy: Keeping Canada better off than the other G8 countries.

The Americanization of services will allow the government to complete negotiations and finalize the tar sands to Texas pipeline. Albertans will continue to pay less sales taxes because it is their oil and after all the federal government should not be involved in a national energy program.

The Environment: You can’t mention oil without mentioning the environment.

The federal government will increase environmental messaging, until all Canadians are convinced that the tar sands are no longer harmful to the environment. The increased costs will be offset by partnerships with the oil conglomerates who in reality own the rights to the oil.

Bring on the election, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. 


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