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Imagine Jobs for Life

The talking heads who read the news on my local CTV station are aghast, aghast I say that city workers have jobs for life. They sent their cubbies out on the Toronto streets to ask passers by if they would like to have a job for life.

Apparently, Toronto mayor, Rob Ford just found out that he can’t simply fire the existing city workers who collect garbage and outsource their jobs to contractors. You know the typical thing that happens when spoiled rich kids who took over their father’s business, think they can run a city like a quick print shop.

In reality it is a contract, a union contract that states if their jobs are eliminated due to outsourcing, the worker must be given a job in another department. Much like the contract that the talking heads at CTV have with their  broadcasters. The only difference being the news readers have built-in golden parachutes.

Bloody hypocrites, I would rather have a beer with the garbage collectors.


deBeauxOs said…
I've heard the companies that held the trash removal and disposal contract for the city of Naples ran afoul of environmental laws or something.

Maybe they're looking for new customers - could they be the guys Ford had in mind, for doing the Toronto job on the cheap?

What was their name...? Camorra, perhaps?
WILLY said…

Who knows. I assume it would be tendered with my guess being that Waste Management Canada a division of Waste Management out of Texas would be the winner. They are traded on the NYSE under WM.

The do Peel Region and lot's of other communities across Canada and seem to have their sales and/or lobbying act together.
Beijing York said…
I wonder if Waste Management Canada are the group responsible for our dismal garbage collection services in Winnipeg. I am so sick of the meme that the private sector can provide these services more effectively and for less cost. I've never seen numbers to prove that case.
WILLY said…
I am tired that somehow contracts for corporations are sacred but contracts for workers are somehow considered obscene. Winnipeg seems to have multiple contractors and apparently some cool swivel arm trucks
thwap said…
Can't have working people making a decent living.

It's bad for public morals or something.

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