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I cant get some songs out of my head

Well son, every generation has their music, my father used to tell me as he turned up the volume for a Frankie Lane song

And of course he was right as we all seem to identify with and or for some be identified by, the music we started listening to, in our so called formative years. We take ownership of it. 

Apparently my music, from 1965 to 1975 was the psychedelic decade, at least according to Q107's Andy Frost and his Psychedelic Sunday show. Hell, I used to play the White Album every Xmas morning and my kids grew up thinking that the Birthday song was a xmas carol for the baby jesus (a spurious concept that the neighbor's kids told them about).

However, every now and then, songs from other generations break through and take on special meaning. One example is my four and half year old granddaughter's favorite song, The Killers, All things That I've Done. Play this song while driving and she will actually stop talking and asking questions for three and half minutes. She just sits there smiling. Apparently, my daughter was a Killers fan when she was pregnant.

The night or in reality the early morning after John Lennon was killed, I was driving a van in Ottawa and when I turned on the local FM station, the same song kept playing over and over again, at least five times before the announcer came on and said that John had been shot dead in New York City. The song was People who Died by the Jim Carroll Band. At the time I had no idea who Jim Carroll, was, or had never heard of The Basketball Diaries, his book or the movie, but the song seemed so appropriate that night and sadly ever since. 

Now every time I feel the loss caused by someone's sudden death, I think of that night and the lyrics from Carroll's haunting song start playing in my head. Probably not really fitting, for a gentle, retired, librarian from Stratford, who told me to fix my font size, so she could more easily read my posts, but I can't get the song out of my head this weekend.


Beijing York said…
Sweet post, Willy. I just stumbled across this sad loss earlier today. I haven't heard this song in such a long time but it's most appropriate.
Helen said…
The Killers song you mention is a piece of perfection. That, and their "When You Were Young" are brilliant and touching songs.
Your granddaughter has great taste!
I was referred here by my Google news alert on "The Killers."
As you can imagine, there's a lot of chaff in it!
I had never heard all of that Jim Carroll song, so, I got a bonus.
Thanks for your post.

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