Saturday, November 6, 2010

Inglorious Bastards

Kind of tired of reading how Jim Prentice was somehow an ethical Reformatory minister. It reminds me of how we looked at Colin Powell a couple of years ago. The ethical good soldier who then goes out and lies to the world.

Prentice’s biggest accomplishment at Industry Canada was getting his staff to reedit his Wikipedia entry to hide the proposed changes to copyright laws.

As our so called environment minister he was nothing more than a salesman for the oil industry and an apologist for the tar sands. Prentice could not say the word environment without adding the word safe energy supply to the sentence or press release.

I do not blame CIBC for offering him the multi-million dollar salesman’s job, the oil contacts on Jim’s blackberry, alone, could be worth a bundle for CIBC. Nor do I resent Jim for taking the job, that is what opportunistic, failed politicians do. 

But just a reminder Jim, your influence over those contacts typically lasts 18 months, so make sure your contract is front end loaded with a built in bail out package because in two years the quota will kill you when you become of no more use to the masters you have been serving, for the last four years.

As far as the talk about Prentice coming back into politics as some sort of revised purplish red tory to take over the leadership when Harper finally gets booted, too many of us will remember the role you have played Jim.

In fact as more of these Reformatory ministers desert Harper’s sinking ship they should be branded with a R on their forehead so there is no possibility that we ever forget what these inglorious reformatory bastards have done to our country.

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