Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who voted for us

Microsoft had a great policy to handle rejection. Instead of finger pointing and making excuses, they would overly embrace those in the marketplace that supported and defended them.
Although I am not a big fan of Microsoft or our current government, it might be a more positive and worthwhile activity for all those marketing types in the PMO who are currently scrambling about in damage control mode.
Imagine having to come up with excuses why India, did not vote for us, nor China, nor the United Arab Emirates (Oh never mind we know about that one). This could go on for weeks as we find out Britain didn’t vote for us or the US didn’t support us. There is no end to the number of countries, Harper has pissed off.
It would be a lot less work, more uplifting and quite frankly get it over with sooner if we just had the PMO come up with a reason why seventy odd countries, did vote for Harper and his government.
Seriously, why did seventy odd countries vote for Harper and this government.

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