Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Mississauga Erindale Voters

Bob Dechert our Conservative MP does not represent you, he is a sycophant politician who only represents himself.

Not only has Bob just voted in favor of destroying the gun registry, but Bob will not even respond to anyone whom he assumes, disagrees with his political party’s ideology. 

The vote on the long gun registry was, and I will type this with as much decorum as I can muster, supposedly a free vote. A vote that was not a government confidence vote, but a vote where each MP, regardless of party affiliation, could vote either by their personal conscience, or based on their personal understanding of the desires of the majority of their constituents, at least according to our Prime Minister and his party’s leader.

However, Bob along with every other Harper conservative voted to destroy the long gun registry, despite the fact that the Peel Region police force, our police force, relies, everyday day on the long gun registry to protect themselves and us the citizenry of Erin Mills and despite the fact that the majority of us living in Mississauga Erindale, support the long gun registry. 

Personally, I am a long gun owner, my gun is registered and I support the long gun registry.

No, Bob is not just another weak sycophant (and I would add conservative here, but it is not just a conservative failing) politician who makes excuses for voting on bills because he has been told to, as opposed to representing his constituency, Bob will refuse to even respond to constituents that he recognizes as a someone who supported another candidate.

Bob never mentioned the gun registry in his limited summer vacation appearances. He never mentioned the reasons he wanted the long gun registry destroyed on his web site and Bob will even refuse to answer your questions if he assumes you support another party. 

Bob only represents himself, not us.

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