Thursday, July 1, 2010

appy Canada Day

Well, look at this, Google put a Canadian Flag on their Canadian site this year. Last year Google didn’t mark Canada Day and claimed that they could not mark all occasions.

It must be our new positioning as leaders of the free world due to Harper’s successful G20 summit. I mean he is responsible for all of it, right.

There is a rally in Toronto tonight, calling for a Pubic Inquiry into the Actions at the G20, being held at 5:30 today at Queens Park. Certainly a worthwhile endeavor but for me the city needs a rest from unrest, at least for the day. 

In fact the City needs its spirits lifted and its pride back and fortunately for all us in the GTA, it is Pride Week and that’s the next rally I will get behind, no tongue in cheek intended. If what you witnessed or felt last weekend didn’t seem like Toronto, then this weekend Toronto is coming back. The Pride parade is on Sunday, July 4th.

Meanwhile for me, I’m going to see all of my grandkids today, in one spot, for the first time.

Appy Canada Day!

h/t Today's rally from Red Bed Head 

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