Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tony stop do not build the lake I have a plan

By now you have probably read about the Harper governments plan to build a lake in downtown Toronto resembling the Muskokas to house the G8 media while the G8 conference is taking place in the real Muskoka, 200 Km away.

It is going to cost us millions, because Tony Clement (you know the MP that does Japanese TV ads for his constituents) this time, promised his constituents, the folks who live in Muskoka and make their living in the tourist industry that they would get international, olympian sized, PR from all the foreign press and since the press can't go there (security reasons, I assume that they probably should of told Tony about earlier), he is bringing Muskoka to the media by building a lake in Toronto.

But stop, Tony, I have a plan, in fact two that can save us all millions.

Now the first one is a tad, tricky so pay attention. Since the same media will be covering both the G8 and the G20 meetings, while the G8 in Muskoka is going on let the media stay in hotels in Toronto and meet maybe in a ballroom or something like that and then when the G20 starts in Toronto, move the media to the now vacated cottages in Muskoka and spend their time on real Muskokan lakes and write about Muskokan night life. Best of two worlds, so the speak.

Now the second idea is simpler and I personally think somewhat sounder...

In case you forgot we have a lake in Toronto, in fact it is one of the Great ones. So let them stick their feet in that one, we will save millions of dollars and the foreign press won't write articles about the craziest idea most of us have ever heard of.

And maybe just maybe you and your government will not look like complete morons.

Tip of the Hat to Accidental DeliberatIons.

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