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GG MEPPED out for Canada Day

Here is Harper's latest MEP, let's call it the Canada Day MEP.

Instead of being in Ottawa to bid her last “Happy Birthday Canada” wishes, Jean will mark Canada Day half a world – and several time zones—away at Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

Via a press release issued by his office Monday, Harper’s office said Jean will travel at his request and at “the invitation of” the government of China.

Governor General Jean’s stay in China will be a unique opportunity to highlight the dynamic people-to-people connections between China and Canada, Harper’s announcement stated.

Of course what was left out of Harper's press release is that the Queen will be in Ottawa for Canada Day and of course with GG Michelle Jean out of the picture, visiting factories in China, yes seriously visiting factories, Harper will stand in for the GG, right there next to the Queen for all the Canada Day photo ops.

My guess is that Harper was pissed about playing second fiddle to the GG at the Olympics earlier this year and he wasn't going to let that happen again.

I bet the slimy PMO asshole, that came up with this Message Event Proposal, got a way to go brownie point, for this one, or possibly a passing nod from Steve, as he made his way to the washroom, which of course then caused this little PMO shit to become so overwhelmed that he pissed his pants. I mean who else could do this kind of crap for living.

Sorry about that, just tying to do my bit to fill the CC void while he is on hiatus.

From the Toronto Star.

Edited: Typos.


Skinny Dipper said…
Everything you always wanted to know about mep...*

*...but were afraid to ask.
Fillibluster said…
Since when does the PM tell the GG what to do and where to go?

I don't mean to trash Michaelle Jean, well not too much, but she is a spinelss figurehead with little grasp of the Canadian constitution.

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