Sunday, June 20, 2010

CTV your partisanship is showing

According to this CTV article Canadians are OK with the billion dollar G8/G20 summits. Unless of course you read the article.
Of those polled who heard something about the cost of hosting the summits, 61 per cent said they were too expensive to be worth it.
Learn more here from CTV, although you might as well just make things up, like they seem to be doing.


ck said...

Sadly, I don't think they're making this up.

For today's conservative. Real fiscal conservatism is cutting all over the place to make the most folks suffer while they spend all their money on their 'pals'

Oh some cons over at the Blogging SupposiTories are whining about them money spent, but in the end, they will catapult Steve to his next majority. Unless, of course, we start showing more support for the opposition and/or a new leader takes over for the Liberals before the end of summer.

Looks like the great expense is to be the springboard for the upcoming election.

We think things are bad now; just wait until Steve gets a majority.

WILLY said...


Similar to the poll results in the article, everyone I have spoken to thinks this billion dollar pork barrel, photo Op is ridiculous and they are sticking it right on Harper.

What surprises me is that 24% of those polled were not aware of the billion dollars or what other counties have spent in the past. But in reality more than that percentage do not vote anyway.

Right now this looks bad for Harper and I don't think any number of pictures of Stevie with other leaders will change that.

He actually might have jumped the sark this time