Monday, May 17, 2010

Jesus is on that mainline Tell Him what you want

I understand that you could not even get elected as a dog catcher, if you told the voters that you were an atheist, because the majority of Canadians have faith and believe in some sort of god, but there is a big difference between believing in the hereafter and other common christian, muslim or other religious beliefs and believing that Jesus is literally going to come floating down from the sky, with his army of angels behind him, to reclaim his throne on earth, as they literally believe in the CM&A.

And considering what I have read so far about Marci McDonald’s book, the best I can hope for, is that Harper is really just pretending to be a member of this so called conservative, evangelical, ministry, in order to take advantage of a built in base of support that is willing to tithe the Conservative party as often as they do their church.

That still makes him an asshole in my books, just not a religious one.

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pogge said...

When I saw the post title, I had a feeling I'd find some Cooder here. Thanks.

And I agree about the asshole.