Thursday, April 22, 2010

Harper calls in the pros from Norway

Harper has called in Norway to help salvage his forthcoming G8 showpiece initiative, maternal and child health.  
The special adviser to Norwegian Prime Minister flew to Ottawa this week to brief the conservatives on Norway's efforts to reduce the deaths of pregnant women and young children in poor countries. He stressed that family planning, including abortion, could not be stripped out of the strategy. According to Norway the G8 adopted a general consensus about reproductive health last year and safe abortion in countries where it is legal was part of the overall strategy.
Maybe Harper was in the washroom when those issues were discussed.
You can tell this G8 meeting is not going to go well. Harper should really stick to issues that he knows and cares about: the tightening of immigration policies, the building of prisons, eliminating the access to information or the creation of a one party state.

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