Monday, March 15, 2010

Why do Albertans always want to leave us in the dark

Continuing their assault on the climate our Alberta based federal government has again refused to provide funding for the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences in their latest budget.
The CFCAS is one of leading research foundations on climate change, financing research on everything from melting glaciers to drought on the Prairies to the thawing permafrost.
Since its creation in 2000, the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences has been a major source of financing and co-ordination for projects that gather and crunch data.
The foundation has bankrolled $110 million of research, but hasn't received any new funding since the Conservative government was elected in 2006.
Last winter, it made a formal request for $25 million annually over 10 years.
Its existing mandate runs until March 2012, but without a fresh cash injection the 12 research networks currently under its umbrella will be shuttered by the end of 2010.
Certainly a unique way to end the so called climate debate, just refuse to fund the scientists who study it.

Good thing Baird is busy upgrading hockey rinks across Canada.

Fifty years from now, the only snow that my great, great grandkids will see, is the ice scrapings left by zambonis, while their parents, changing them back into their protective heat repellant suits, curse their ancestors for electing this Harper government.

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