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Robin Trower, Bridge of Sighs

Mistakenly I thought that that I had discovered a new loud, fantastic blues guitarist when I downloaded Robin Trower from limewire six years ago (supposedly Trower got 35 cents for the download). 

But as is typically is the case I was wrong because Robin Trower has been around for years. He was the original lead guitar in 1967 version of Procol Harum. 

Although never reaching the same pinacle of fame, Trower was and is considered an equal with the other British guitar icons, Clapton, Page, Beck.. 

This is Trower at age 60, on his 2005 European tour with Davey Pattison on vocals (an aging Sottish tenor), Dave Bronze on bass (who has backed up Clapton and others) and Pete Thompson on Drums.

When viewing the Trower you tubes and there are lot of them, you realize he has gotten better with age. They said of his early days that he could make his guitar sing, now he can make it cry.


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