Friday, March 19, 2010

Helena to Gate Six, Helena to Gate Six

You know you are in trouble when your government, your colleagues and in this case your employer start using your first name as a noun to describe bad behavior when boarding an airplane.

When describing the latest airport tantrum by a Harper minister, Jean-Pierre Blackburn, a senior government official said, on condition of anonymity. "He remained polite. He didn't pull a Helena apparently."

Being an asshole, throwing a tantrum and demanding special treatment when boarding a plane is now called a Helena, by the conservatives.

Helena noun:
i: a person who throws a fit when their title does not garner them special treatment: you're a regular Helena
ii. a temper tantrum: he started to do a Helena just before the security guards arrived

I can see this spreading through the whole airline industry, a code word used to send security guards rushing to a gate or ticket counter to handle pompous irate air travelers, who refuse to believe that rules also apply to them. "Helena to gate six, Helena to Gate six" :D

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