Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dammit Janet you piss me off

With reverence to the progressive ladies at Dammit Janet and Impolitical.

For the record, I have signed onto the FaceBook CAPP, but only because JJ said the magic word. Didn't really want a FaceBook account, and I don't know if it counts since I used my Willy Loman handle. However when I signed up, I immediately got a friend Scott Tribe, (but I think he sent one to everyone at ProgBlogs).

Not bad eh, I got four big time bloggers in one post.

Anyway going to a rally on the 23rd. My first rally since John Lennon died. I hope they sing songs that I know the words to.



fern hill said...

LOL. Welcome to the Reluctant Facebook Bloggers Group. (Ooo, I should start that.)

Back when I belonged to and was welcome at Bread and Roses discussion board, I was so pissed at FB that I started a thread -- since bowdlerized -- titled F*** Facebook.

You can imagine the snerking going on at me.

So, Biff, I'm off to friend you. :p

jj said...

LOL, the magic word.

Don't worry, I had nuked my facebook account and had to reactivate it just to join this group. (Facebook: you can check out any time you like, but...)

fern hill said...

Crap. There are 99 Willy Lomans. Give us a clue, eh?

FFIB NAMOL said...


Who knew there would be so many. This FB thing must be popular. I guess I'm just another Willy Loman, after all.

I think I'm this one.