Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jason Kenny our minister integration and misguided values

If our initial two solitudes, taught us anything, it was that our acceptance of our diversity of culture, ethnicity, customs and language is what has made us Canadian. Something our minister of immigration and multiculturalism has somehow forgotten or possibly never knew.

Jason Kenny is continuing to push his insulting rhetoric about the purification of our immigration process with the recommendation that immigrants not only be able to fluently communicate in English or French, but that our existing ethic communities need to further embrace Canadian values.

Kenny believes that Canadians should not be naive about the very real dangers of radicalization, of extremism. He is concerned some communities are not actively integrating with mainstream society. He is pushing an integration agenda.

Kenny then adds that there are people who come to Canada or are born in Canada that have very illiberal views, who believe that their religious dogma or their ethnic grievance justifies violence.

Unfortunately for most us, regardless of our ethnic heritage, the same could somewhat be said for our existing government, whose own ideological dogma threatens to destroy the truly Canadian values that not only founded our country but made us uniquely in the world, Canadian.


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