Friday, March 27, 2009

We are starting to act like Americans

Remember back, say about six years ago, when the neocon cabal started taking over the Bush administration and just started making things up. We sat up here and kept saying what the hell is the matter with the Americans, why can’t they see what is happening to their country. It is so bloody obvious.

Read the news lately...
It does not matter that we hired him. This guy pisses us off, screw him up. Cut off his access to information. Cut his budget.

We don’t want this committee to get the facts out. It will hurt us. Stall it. Filibuster it. Stretch it out and refuse to testify.

Look we screwed up. Forget what we said about being open and fully cooperating. We are talking about torture here. Maybe war crimes. Keep stalling this inquiry.

This is our chance to gut the CBC. No advances. We have an excuse now. Do it.

The Jews are pissed at this ass hole, bar him from the country. The guys a loud mouth that nobody likes away. Look this goes beyond winning points. We are talking faith here.

We know this is a waste of money, but we want to look like we are doing something to combat the dirty oil image. Besides it is infrastructure spending right and can you think of a better place to spend it. The boss can't.
Sometimes I do not have the patience to read between the lines, finish a reporter’s thought, search for opposing articles, additional facts and then postulate an argument of why I think something is true or not true.

Sometimes it is just bloody obvious.


PS: Still having a busy week at work, which is a good thing really, but not much time for posting. Besides I think I am starting to loose patience with my own posturing.


Toe said...

Yeah. I always thought regime change was for foreign policy, that is, until I saw how incredibly well organized the Cons were and found out it applies to home as well. Sux eh.

Beijing York said...

It's sad to see that the majority of Canadians will sleep walk through these changes, like many in the US did, and wonder WTF happened in the wake of CPC destruction.