Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good Grief Goodyear

Our science minister Gary Goodyear is a creationist, but hey that doesn’t make him a bad choice, he has been there on the discovery stuff, right from the beginning, tweaking automobile engines when he took shop in high school.

Good grief, I don’t know which is worse, whether he refuses to confirm a belief in evolution or if he thinks his experiences in high school shop are relevant.

This makes perfect sense to me, in a sort Seinfeld like bizarro world, we have a creationist as a science minister, a minister for the environment whose purpose is to promote the energy sector, a defense minister that is looking for another job, an industry minister who just likes to hear himself speak and an infrastructure minister to plan photo opportunities. Oh and Jim Flaherty is still running finance.

Good grief indeed.


h/t Impolitical here

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