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Galloway is coming to Canada on March 30th

Possibly sooner if the organizers of his four city tour are successful in getting an Ontario federal court to issue an injunction overturning the Citizenship and Immigration Canada's entry ban.

Either way, he is still coming. If the request for an injunction fails Galloway is planning to walk into Canada across the US border on March 30th and he is not planning to be alone.

A legal team, led by immigration and refugee lawyer Barbara Jackman, has assembled support of more than 50 organizations, including the Council of Canadians, Canadian Civil Liberties Union, Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, anti-war coalitions in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal, several large labour unions and many community organizations.

Delegates from these groups along with Canadian MPs, lawyers and activists will be assembling at the border to escort and welcome Galloway as enters from the US.

Meanwhile the organizers of the four shows say the sales of tickets have skyrocketed -- most of the venues are almost sold out. Additionally twelve more venues across the country have now booked to broadcast his first lecture to a public audience.

It would appear that Galloway has gained a lot more support since Meir Weinstein of the Jewish Defense League threatened to have our government investigate and monitor those of us who support Galloway in Canada.

My guess is Jackman will get the injunction, as it is probably the best way for Harper and Kenny to get out of this growing mess, but it would sure be more fun if she didn’t.



Beijing York said…
Do we know which MPs will be attending?

Overall, great news and once again, egg on the faces of the CONservatives.
Anonymous said…
If this is true, I'm sure by now Kenney's will have dropped a huge pantload.

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